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Pine Armoires

Be it your living space or your bedroom, one of the most magnificently charming items that you can add to a room is a pine armoire. Pine Armoires are delicious pieces of wood furniture that earn points in both the function and style departments. While any armoire is a handy way to add extra storage space to any room—you can simply shift the armoire to a different room or space if you no longer need it in the room—one rendered in pine feels especially cozy. Even without wall art or decorations, adding a pine wardrobe can give a room instant gravitas. This makes a pine wardrobe a great choice for the discriminating shopper looking to invest in just a few starter statement pieces. Look for a pine armoire with dramatic knots for a lodge-ready feel, or opt for a painted or paint-washed for a more farmhouse or rustic-leaning space. A pine armoire, when maintained, will keep going and going (by which we mean, consider any pine armoire a shoo-in for the heirloom shortlist). While it’s most common to use a vintage pine armoire as a closet, there’s no rule that says you can’t branch out. Try using a vintage pine armoire to hold a TV or other electronics. Use one in the kitchen if yours is lacking a pantry. Load up those shelves with jars of teeny tiny pastas, grains, and cereals and use any bottom drawers to stow spices and table linens like napkins and tablecloths.