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Piano Benches

Whether you’ve got a full size grand piano or a more space-efficient upright, odds are you’re going to need a piano bench for it. Since it’s a little bit harder to personalize your piano and add a personal touch, the seating is a great place to add a touch of vintage beauty. If you’re planning on playing duets, opt for the full bench to accommodate seating for two. But if you know you’re flying solo, go for a vintage piano stool instead! Raising the next Beethoven? Look for adjustable piano benches that’ll fit the little ones as they grow up and become not-so-little. For a little more flair, forgo the stereotypical rectangular bases and choose a more eye-catching silhouette, like an antique wrought iron bench with scroll designs. Most piano benches also have a bonus storage space in the seat, perfect for storing all the sheet music you’ll undoubtedly accumulate over time. Vintage wood piano benches are available with sleek, natural finishes, or delicate hand-painted designs. Similarly, upholstered piano benches might have classic black tufted leather, or decorative embroidered and patterned fabrics. No piano, no problem! Vintage piano benches can be used in any room of the house, from the foyer to the bedroom. Use them as hallway benches or vanity benches, and when you’re throwing a party, move them to the living room, or even the dining room, as additional seating.