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Fine dining rooms have had elegantly designed pedestal tables since they first became popular during the 17th century. Our vintage and antique pedestal tables from Chairish are collected and carefully curated finds in rare pre-owned pedestal table designs.

Our focus on what we call re-Chairished vintage tables helps us contribute to this century’s growing circular economy. Buying existing fine furniture lessens the need to waste the planet’s finite resources manufacturing new pieces.

Unique Pedestal Table Finds

We continually search for and secure a rare antique round dining table with a pedestal table base. Or, see our larger rectangular pedestal dining tables with double sets of pedestals.

Discover an antique pine pedestal table with clean lines or an antique European pedestal table with fine wood pedestal legs carved into the shapes of dolphins. Our collection has included handsomely made travertine stone pedestal tables and vintage 20th century designs in Lucite pedestal tables with glass tops.

The Enduring Popularity of Pedestal Tables

With a pedestal centered beneath the table, there was no need for space-consuming traditional table legs. Many compact round tables with a single pedestal leg beneath would also become popular as elegant work desks or beautiful display tables. Today, you’ll also see them in luxury retail stores and as versatile additions to country club interiors. With no excess table legs in the way, you can pull more chairs up to the table for entertaining large groups. See our Chairish free guide to cleaning antique furniture.