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Foo Dog Statues


Looking for something alluring and one-of-a-kind to frame your entryway? Consider a pair of Foo Dog statues. These statues have thousands of years of history, tracing back to ancient China. Despite their name, Foo Dogs actually represent lions, usually depicted with stylistically bulging eyes, curly hair, and menacing fangs. Historically, these statues have been placed outside at entrance ways of homes in order to guard the grounds and the people within. According to Chinese lore, stone lions hold the ability to cleanse shar chi, the negative force that comes from sharp corners, sickness, and busy crowds. Originally intended to drive away negative energy at the entrance of Buddhist temples, Foo Dog statues began to also guard the wealthy and prestigious residences. Each pair includes a female and male guardian lion—meant to symbolize yin and yang. The male lion is often depicted with a ball beneath its right front paw, while the female statue is frequently represented with a cub. According to the Chinese thought of feng shui, the system of spatial arrangement to balance the flow of energy, there is a correct way to arrange these stone guardians. To maximize harmony and good fortune in your home, make sure to place Foo Dog statues on either side of a door or entryway looking outward. Also, if you’re facing the entryway, the male statue should be on the right and the female on the left. If you’re utilizing them in smaller spaces—as bookends, for example—then make sure they’re in the same room or table or shelf. A discussion of feng shui doesn’t end at placement though! The color of your stone lion companions paired with the direction of your entryway can affect your good fortune. A pair of black Foo Dogs beside a doorway facing North ensures career prosperity, while purple stone lions by a southeast doorway encourages wealth. Red Foo Dogs next to a South-facing doorway indicate fame and recognition, while white, gold, silver, and metal lions facing West inspire creativity.