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Cigar Boxes

One of the most fun things to shop for at Chairish are old cigar boxes. Because this is a specialty niche of collectible, we wanted to make it easier for you to find antique cigar boxes for sale. Have fun browsing for one or more styles to pick up for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. While here, check out some of our vintage cigarette boxes.

Wooden Cigar Boxes

Empty cigar boxes made of wood are the most elegant way to preserve and display a selection of fine cigars. There was a time when these boxes were seen frequently in the homes and offices of those who enjoyed a good cigar. As you browse this collection, you may find an old cigar box crafted of various types of solid wood, including oak, burlwood, mahogany, pine and teak. Some have smooth finishes and others include a decorative top.

Other Rare Cigar Boxes

Among this impressive collection are some delightful surprises. Keep an eye out for a vintage cigar box made of leather or metal, fully painted, carved and other novelty designs.