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Cigar Ashtrays


While cigar ashtrays might seem like bygone relics, these crafty vessels are prime for being used in innovative new ways. From serving as catchalls to votive holders, antique cigar ashtrays are by no means out of commission. On a bar, use a French retro cigar ashtray to stow small bar equipage. Be it cocktail picks, whiskey stones, or drink charms, a vintage cigar ashtray emblemized with a French aperitif brand can make everything look tidy. Look for advertising ashtrays from brands like Martini & Rossi, Remy Martin, and Saint Clement to start. In a dining room, try using colorful vintage cigar ashtrays from makers like Bitossi to store matches on a credenza top. Bitossi created a unique assortment of colorful retro ashtrays in their iconic blue and orange colorways during the mid 20th century. Almost impossible to distinguish from standard catchalls, these pieces make for excellent conversation starters when filled with extra long match sticks or similar items. Large cigar ashtrays from independent studio makers can also be used on top of a dining table as centerpiece decor. Look for ashtrays featuring distinctive markings such as West German pottery or California studio pottery to really up the stylistic appeal. There’s also potential to create a unique centerpiece vignette by collecting a series of colored glass cigar ashtrays and arranging them similar to vases. Look for a mix of flat bowls and upright orbs to level up your visual composition.