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Barrister Bookcases

It’s pretty darn hard to think of a downside to reading. Curling up with a book is honestly our favorite activity, be it at the end of day or weekend. If you love books, the only complaint you might encounter is their storage. It can be a challenge to house all your favorite reads in a stylish fashion, especially when you don’t have the luxury of space. Even when you manage to stack them neatly in piles, you might have to find a particular book at short notice (oh no!). If that thought is making you sweat, there is a perfectly stylish solution: Barrister Bookcases. What is a barrister bookcase? In the olden days, barrister bookcases were made for a lawyers’ offices (read: a person with a lot of books, apparently other professions didn’t foster as many readers). Barrister bookcases typically have stacks and because lawyers of yore moved offices a lot, these stacks could be individually moved around (handy!). However, a barrister bookcase needn’t just be a lawyers bookcase; glass paneled doors make these bookcases a collectible-enthusiast’s dream as well. We can already see ginger jars and Murano glass trinkets lined up behind the shelf! If you love the idea of being able to browse through your book titles but want something bigger, we got you covered. Check out Bookcases on Chairish.