Here's Why Aly Has 12 Greyhounds at Home

We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick fire questions and a mini curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week we are joined by artist and designer, Alyssa Jill Harris. She’s the woman behind Willa Heart, her label of original paintings, prints, pillows, and more (oh, and she’s a featured artist in the Chairish Print Shop). The Willa Heart signature combines ebullient animalia, Draper-esque hues, and a punch of glam. Originally from New England, Aly now resides in “Horse Country, South Carolina” with her husband and pitbull, Viper Sashay.  A lover of “Elvis, sushi, and animal print everything,” Aly let us in on a few more of her favorite things below!

Last show you binge watched?
Kath & Kim. I am currently making my way through Made in Chelsea but it is slow moving because there are a billion seasons.

Coolest vintage piece in your house?
A set of 12 appliquéd greyhounds that I found at auction.

Ultimate style icon?

What would be the title of your autobiography?
Dyslexic Maximalist. It would be all about how dyslexia makes you creative, resilient, hardworking, and forces you to think differently.


Headshot by Tiffany Ellis


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November 29, 2018