Few innovations have transformed the design world as quickly and thoroughly as social media. From Pinterest to Instagram, new social platforms are changing the way designers promote their work, sell product, and connect with clients. In this episode of the Chairish Podcast — called The Designer’s Guide to Social Media — design industry insider Michael Boodro chats with two designers well versed in social media strategy, Alyssa Kapito and Cara Woodhouse, about their success on Instagram and how to refine your own Instagram strategy as a designer or brand. Chairish’s social media manager, Skylar Frederick, joins the conversation to provide Chairish’s perspective on growing your brand and connecting with your followers.

Get to know our Instagram-savvy guests:

Experienced designer Alyssa Kapito launched her design firm using Instagram. Kapito is known for restrained but sumptuous apartments, lofts, and beach houses, where she mixes classic vintage pieces, subdued palettes, and luxurious textures, and her work has been featured in numerous publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Vogue. She also has more than 150K followers on Instagram. 

For the past 23 years, Cara Woodhouse has been creating interiors with bold contemporary furnishings, texture-rich rugs, and colorful accents, bringing a sense of fun and energy to family living. Along with designing, she is also a brand ambassador for various companies and an influencer. She has more than 200K followers on Instagram.

Skylar Frederick is the Social Media Manager at Chairish and has been working in social media for the last 7 years. Since she joined the company three years ago, Chairish’s Instagram following has more than tripled and reaches over 5 million users per month. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Skylar has managed the digital presence of brands in a range of industries including publishing and editorial, home and consumer goods, health and wellness, and higher education. 

In this episode, our guests tackle:

  • How Instagram benefits designers through product lines, new clients, and more
  • The importance of high-quality visuals on Instagram
  • Creating goals for Instagram
  • Quality over quantity in posting
  • The value of cohesive and compelling branding
  • Using Pinterest to communicate with clients about style
  • Crafting authenticity on Instagram
  • Incorporating video into social platforms
  • Agreed-upon rates for collaborations / partnerships on Instagram
  • Advice for young designers launching their firms on Instagram

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Design by Cara Woodhouse / Lead Photo Courtesy of Cara Woodhouse.

March 18, 2020

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