Long before there were social media influencers, the market editors at top magazines served as major arbiters of taste. Their job has been to discover the latest and greatest new products, talents, and trends, and bring them to the world’s attention. It’s never been an easy job, and with the rise of social media, the role is more consuming and more crucial than ever.

In this episode, three editors who cover the design market—Kathryn Given of Luxe, Benjamin Reynaert of Domino, and Dayle Wood of Veranda, share how they keep on top of all that is happening, what they look for, how Covid has transformed the way they work, and the best ways to get products seen and publicized.

In this episode, our guests tackle:

  • What does a market editor traditionally do? 
  • How has social media has redefined their roles?
  • What are they looking for and how do they find it?
  • How do they make sense of all the products they see? 
  • Why do they spend so much time on social media and how has it changed the way they work?

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February 17, 2021

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