Powerful and beautiful photographs of your work are more important than ever, now that social media has become such a crucial tool. But how do you turn your three-dimensional spaces into compelling images that will attract attention in the image-saturated world of design? In this episode, two top stylists who have worked with major magazines and top interior photographers around the world, Mieke ten Have and Robert Rufino, share their tips, explain the difference between documenting a space and capturing its spirit, how they bring “soul, magic, and pizzazz” to every shoot, and why you might want to leave the stilettos at home.

In this episode, our guests tackle:

  • How showcasing your work on Instagram and other social media with powerful, meaningful photography makes all the difference 
  • What does a stylist do on a shoot and how do our guests see their role? 
  • Why every project needs a good photographer and a great stylist 
  • If you really want to publish a project, how do you get to the center of what the project is about, versus documenting every detail?
  • How designers should think about finding a photographer that will help elevate their project and why it’s worth every penny

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Lead Photo: Brad Knipstein


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November 23, 2020

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