Now that working from home has become the new normal and home schooling has become universal, the home office is more central to domestic happiness than ever before. And with the appeal of working remotely likely to continue long after the pandemic has retreated, the demand for chic and functional home offices is only going to increase. In this episode, two top designers skilled at stylishly meeting the needs of modern families, Chloe Warner and Mikel Welch, weigh in on what’s next and reveal how they are solving their clients’ evolving needs, why we are likely to see a resurgence in walls and doors, the difficulty in finding the perfect desk chair, and why the home office is likely to evolve into the home lobby.

In this episode, our guests tackle:

  • Solving for problems of a regular office space including storage, charging stations, and organization
  • Is there a comfortable desk chair that is chic enough to work in a home setting? 
  • Innovative requests from clients including “work pods” in addition to traditional home offices 
  • How can families live and work together now that they’re in the same space 24/7? 
  •  The reality of “Zoom background envy” and growing interest in well-designed backgrounds

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Lead Photo: Design by Kendall Wilkinson. Photo: Paul Dyer.


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August 10, 2020

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