5 Game-Changing Ideas for Using Suzani Decor

For anyone who thought the suzani’s moment was coming to a close, think again! With über-stylish tastemakers like Carolina Irving sprinkling them throughout her Paris apartment, and digital influencers like Justina Blakeney keeping the boho love alive, these textiles are as relevant as ever. Given that suzanis have been in circulation for centuries (traditionally stitched by brides in Central Asia as part of their dowry offering to their future groom) and feature impressive, done-by-hand needlework, they are proving to be more beautiful decorating staple than passing fad.

But how to use these vibrant textiles? Our tips for decorating with suzanis are just ahead, and shop all kinds of suzani goodies HERE.

#1: Pillow Pile
If a pop of pattern is what your solid sofa needs, you can’t do better than a pile of suzani pillows. Don’t stress too much about matching you pillow palette to your sofa color. The vibrant colors and movement of various suzani styles seem to work with almost background. Tip: If you want a soft spot for napping, look for a suzani pillow that has finer needlework and even silk threading, which makes for a smoother surface.

#2: WOW Wall Decor
Elevate your sofa (or your bed) from hum-drum to stop-and-stare gorgeous by fashioning a suzani tapestry on the wall above. Adhere one to the wall with finishing nails, or for a quick switch-up, drape one over an existing headboard. While we love suzanis with linear or repetitious prints, there’s something overwhelmingly eye-catching about a tapestry featuring a single, oversized mandala when hung over a bed—it’s like a massive sign that indicates good vibes live here.

Design by Kathryn Ireland, courtesy of Living4Media

#3: Upholstery with Pizazz
There’s something classic yet simultaneously cutting-edge about an accent chair or settee upholstered in a suzani print, and there’s something especially apropos about a traditional chair—like an English Roll Arm—upholstered in the swirling, vine-centric fabric. For an extra fun twist on tradition, you might consider using your chair’s upholstery fabric to fashion matching floor-to-ceiling drapes. The more suzani, the merrier, here.

#4: In-a-Flash Slipcover
If the idea of committing to a sofa upholstered in an all-over print stresses you out, toss a suzani over your neutral lounger instead and exhale. A suzani looks cool and effortless when fashioned as a slipcover, as opposed to messy and slipshod. The best part is that, unlike a traditional slipcover, a suzani’s pattern hides all kinds of things, making it perfect for those living with rambunctious pets or spill-prone toddlers.

Photo by Nick Steever

#5: Bohemian Bedspread
If you’re looking for a way to effortlessly update all-white bedding, try capping your bed in an oversized suzani textile. Try tossing in a few contrasting accent pillows, too. Focus on prints like stripes or deliciously textural materials like Mongolian sheepskin, which can hold their own when cast alongside suzani.


Lead photo by Simon Upton/The Interior Archive


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August 8, 2017

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