With its extroverted designs and price tags, statement lighting can seem intimidating. However, not every statement light fixture needs to cost thousands of dollars and dominate the space it’s in. Instead, 2022 statement lighting is all about keeping it natural, chic, and inviting. Want to know what’s hot? Keep reading as we round up the latest and greatest in home lighting trends!


Natural Materials and Hues

Two major statement light fixture trends this year are natural materials and natural hues. To get the look, try opting for a charming pair of terra cotta lamps to add an earthy touch. Or, light up your home with green lamps – the perfect color for creating a tranquil atmosphere. If you’re looking for an even more cost-effective option, then explore rattan or wicker lamp shades, which can be easily switched out with your old ones!

Brilliant Metallics

Perhaps an unlikely choice after natural materials, brilliant metallics and metals are also a big lighting trend this year. While still influenced by nature, metal lightning options are often dark, striking, and cold. This makes them a great complement to the warm hues found in many natural materials and tones. Try sourcing a unique modern metal chandelier with sleek lines or a minimalist metal lamp shade to add texture.

Soft Layering

Finally, one of the most important lighting trends this year is soft layering! Rather than relying on one large hanging pendant light that harshly illuminates, opt for a collection of smaller, coordinated lighting options. This not only allows for a more gentle glow, but also gives you choices when it comes to brightness. Simply combine an interesting pendant light with a few glazed ceramic table lamps and an enchanting wall sconce or two to reap this trend’s relaxing benefits.

Lead image design by Margaret Ash Design / Photo by Tim Coy


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May 21, 2022

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