Sometimes what a room really needs is a wink and a smile. Enter the marvelous, whimsical, sculptural table. Available in a range of unexpected silhouettes and cheeky styles, design pros are deploying these little wonders whenever an extra dose of wit and whimsy is in order. Discover some side table ideas that make it easy to embrace this trend, and ensure your rooms are anything but ordinary.

whimsical side table ideas, sculptural side tables
Photo by John Merkl, Interior by Benjamin Dhong

Who Said The Nightstand Can’t Stand Out?

Bust up the natural geometry of the bedroom with a nightstand that’s anything but expected. Here, designer Benjamin Dhong freed up space on his sculptural, John Dickinson-inspired nightstand by moving his bedside lighting to the wall, choosing a perfectly prim pair of mounted sconces. Worried a fun nightstand means sacrificing function? Place a basket nearby to neatly corral what you need close at hand.

whimsical side table ideas, sculptural side tables
Photo by Zach DeSart, Courtesy of Sara Gilbane Interiors

A Comfy Armchair, With A Side of Style

A pair of comfy armchairs is a perennial living room favorite, but a little something extra in-between can make the look all your own. Think about the interplay of colors, patterns, and textures, ensuring your chosen accent table is bringing something new to the party. To ground the blooming botanical pattern of two armchairs, designer Sara Gilbane chose a wood side table with a double-take inducing, trompe-l’oeil drape effect.

whimsical side table ideas, ceramic side tables
Photo Courtesy of Madcap Cottage

Whether it’s plaster, wicker or glass, everyone is loving whimsical tables for their sophisticated wit.

Anna Brockway, Chairish co-founder & president
whimsical side table ideas, wood side table
©Noe DeWitt / OTTO, Interior by Ariel Ashe of Ashe Leandro

Sculptural Intrigue Around Every Corner

There’s no reason the corner next to your sofa can’t look like a million bucks. A sculptural side table brings the zing, and refuses to let the sofa steal the entire show. Flanking the sofa with a matching pair of whimsical side tables nods to the traditional, symmetrical setup, but with an extra dash of pizzazz.  

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Lead Photo by John Merkl, Interior by Benjamin Dhong

December 4, 2019

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