Peek through the keyhole of celebrity interior designer Peti Lau, and you’ll see a gorgeous Chinese art deco rug from Leon Banilivi’s Chairish collection, transported to the bedroom of her 1920s West Hollywood home—a place with fascinating pedigree. Not only was it the marquee setting for Steve Martin’s LA Story (1991), it was also once the home of formidable artist, designer and set decorator Tony Duquette. Now under the ownership of Lau, it’s the ideal backdrop for her magpie-like style—one she’s coined “AristoFreak” for its fearless clashings of color, texture and pattern. 

What offers greater delight than scoring that knockout item you’ve been searching for? We asked Lau how she used Chairish to source her home’s beloved area rug.

What were you looking for in a rug? What attracted you to this one?

Chairish is the first place I go to when I search for Chinese art deco rugs. This particular rug is romantic, bold and colorful. I love to incorporate rich hues and patterns—and Chinese art deco rugs are exactly that. They’re unique and have really interesting color combos that no other rug styles have. They almost tell a narrative, and I love using patterns and colors to tell a story.

Why are rugs an essential item for any space?

Rugs are essential to grounding any space. They are soft to touch and they’re the first thing your feet experience when you wake up and get ready to rock your day.

Why buy vintage?

Vintage is something I incorporate into all my designs; it creates history and romance. Plus, the quality of vintage can be far superior. Most importantly, we’re reusing, recycling and buying into something that was kept for a reason, because it had value to someone.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is important because why create more waste on this planet? Why not celebrate history when someone has put a lot of thought into a design or product? It’s important that we don’t consume irresponsibly but consume with intent and value, ultimately bringing us little moments of joy!

To shop a curation based on this style, click here. And don’t forget to (virtually) flip through the pages of the latest issue of Magazinish if you don’t have the print version.

Photo: Nikko LaMere. Interior Design: Peti Lau.


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November 30, 2021

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