We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

Seattle-based lifestyle blogger Joanna Hawley-McBride isn’t just an influencer, she’s a social media vanguard. Counted among Pinterest’s freshman class, Joanna was honing her pinning skills while most of us were still collecting inspo by way of magazines and scissors. These days, Joanna’s Pinterest page is brimming with photos from her blog Jojotastic, a carefully curated lifestyle site that tackles design, fashion, food, and travel. Having purchased a darling Seattle bungalow where she resides with her husband, Sean, and beloved wiener dogs, Joanna has also mastered the art of elevating small-space living and offers her readers a treasure trove of pint-sized inspiration on the regular. Read on to discover which country music icon Joanna finds all kinds of inspiring, plus the pivotal career moment that made her blush!

Ultimate style icon?
Dolly Parton. She is unapologetically herself, so talented, and an all-around incredible woman. It’s my dream to go to Dollywood one day too.

What’s a current trend you hope doesn’t exist in 100 years?
Big box stores knocking off small makers and artists.

Do you collect anything?
Besides chickens? Joking aside, I love to collect weird old oil paintings. Still lifes, pastoral scenes, portraits, nautical adventures… I love them all. And the creepier, the better.

Most memorable career moment you’ve had so far?
Being recognized by an Instagram follower of mine while shopping. My husband Sean and I had only been dating for about 4 months at that point, and he thought it was the funniest thing ever that I turned bright red and was so awkward. That is the moment when I realized that what I was doing was actually reaching people! It can be so hard to create in a vacuum and experience reactions purely in a digital form. So connecting in person was a total eye opener for me and now something that I love.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
Johemia, Tales of a Wild Woman with Wiener Dogs in Tow


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March 13, 2020

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