Ready for some exciting news? Millions of shoppers want to buy your treasures, and it’s never been easier to sell them! Becoming a seller on Chairish is a cinch, and we’re here to dispense loads of insider know-how– from how to set up a storefront to the top selling items right now. Ready to get listing?

How to Sell on Chairish

Step 1: Creating a Listing

After you create a Chairish account, you can hover over your name and select “Sell an Item” from the drop down menu to start creating a listing. You’ll be prompted to enter details and photos of your item, including keyword tags and a description that helps tell its story. Once you add in your price and shipping logistics,  you’ll be able to submit your listing for approval. After this, our curators will review your listing, our production team will edit your lead image and optimize your listing for SEO, and your item will then be for sale on Chairish in 3-5 days!

Step 2: Pricing Effectively

Use the The Pink Book Pricing Guide

In our Pink Book, you can search by key terms to browse items similar to yours that have sold recently on Chairish. For example, if you search “Blue velvet accent chairs,” you’ll see the most recently sold blue accent chairs at the price they were purchased.

Accept Offers

We recommend pricing your items so that you can entertain our Make An Offer feature. You’ll be notified via email if a shopper has made an offer on one of your items. You can then accept the offer, or submit a Counter offer. This exchange can continue up to 3 times.

Set up Trade Pricing

Utilize our network of trade designers by setting up trade pricing on your items. You can either apply a flat trade discount to all of your active listings, or enter a discount on each item individually. Trade prices will only be available to trade members. On average, Chairish sellers opt to offer Trade members an exclusive 20% off.

Step 3: Shipping Methods

We take the stress out of the shipping process by offering a few handy options.

  1. Chairish In Home Delivery: Professional shippers will schedule a time to wrap and load your large and fragile items. It will be in transit 3-6 weeks before delivery.
  2. Chairish Parcel: For small package shipping, we’ll email you a pre-paid UPS shipping label. You can then drop off the wrapped and packaged item at your nearest UPS store.
  3. Local Pickup: Opt your item into “Local Pick-Up” to allow buyers to save on costs by picking up their item directly. Buyers must pick up their items within 5 business days.
  4. Local Delivery: You set the distance you’re willing to deliver within, and the price. Drop off the item to your buyer within 5 business days.
  5. Seller Managed Deliver: You set the cost and handle all shipping arrangements for the item.

Chairish Drop Off & Go

For hassle and worry-free packing and shipping, we recommend opting into the Chairish Drop Off & Go program. When your item sells, print out your Chairish-provided shipping label and drop it off with your item at a nearby UPS Store. No need to worry about packaging – UPS’ professional packers will take care of this for you!

Step 4: Setting Up a PayPal Account

To receive quick and easy payment from Chairish, enter your Paypal email address under your “Payment Settings” upon becoming a seller. We cover all Paypal fees, and have a sliding scale commission policy.

How to Sell on Chairish

Step 5: Branding Your Profile

Chairish shoppers love to know who they’re buying from, so we always encourage sellers to personalize their storefront as much as possible. Under “Shop Settings” in your Seller Dashboard, you’ll be able to add a cover image, a profile photo, your company or brand name, and a description.

Top Tips to Increase Sales

  1. Photography: Make sure to capture your entire item at multiple angles and use natural lighting. In addition, show off your item’s texture and details clearly, and always show complete sets in one frame.
  2. Continuously add new items: This will help you gain a presence in our “New Arrivals” section. From there, shoppers can click into your Chairish storefront and be exposed to all of your items for sale.
  3. Build your social presence: Link to your Chairish storefront on your personal website or social media pages, and invite your clients or current followers to “Follow” your storefront so that they’re notified when you add new items.
  4. Take a markdown: If an item hasn’t sold in 30-60 days, take a markdown. We’ll email anyone who’s “favorited” the item to notify them of the lower price.

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November 8, 2018

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