Chic Ideas For How To Decorate With Quilts of ALL Types

Ever since Calvin Klein designer and fashion world bellwether, Raf Simmons declared his love for traditional Americana quilts, these cozy bedcovers have taken on a new air of cool. But Americana versions are just the beginning. Discover a few of our favorites quilt styles for staying warm, plus ideas for how to decorate with quilts and some off-the-bed ways to use one.

Americana Quilts

These quilt classics, steeped in so much American history, lend a bed instant timeworn appeal. Featuring graphic and often colorful patterns, they can play into an existing palette, or add warmth and interest to otherwise subdued furnishings. When combined with crisp new sheeting, they beautifully fuse the past and the present.

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Photo by Jean-Marc Palisse / Côté Sud / The Interior Archive

Kantha Quilts

Originating in Bangladesh, kanthas are traditionally stitched together using bits of old saris and fabric, resulting in their beautiful, boho patchwork look. The way they’re made also means each side of a kantha quilt will typically feature a different pattern, so you get two looks out of a single quilt. Sure, they make the perfect coverlet, but they also make gorgeous unexpected pillow covers or upholstery for headboards and ottomans.

Modern Quilts

Quilting is one of the oldest handicrafts around, so naturally today’s makers are giving this traditional art a modern-day look. The current iterations may feature more millennial-friendly pastel palettes or minimalist takes on graphic geometrics, but these beauties are every bit the heirloom-quality of their predecessors.

4 More Reasons to Cozy Up To A Quilt

They Make a Great Tablecloth
Substantial but with drape for days, a quilt can create an extra-cozy vibe at the table. As long as the version you have won’t cause a wine glass to wobble, you’re good to go!

They Double As A Sofa Cover
Draped over a sofa back or tucked into the seat, a quilt can lend both protection from kids and dogs to an upholstered sofa (or chair!), and add a punch of color and pattern to boot.

They Are The Perfect Picnic Blanket
Big, soft, and thick, a quilt can stand up to lots of outdoor terrain, and since most are made of cotton, they are easy to clean.

They Look Wonderful As Wall Art
Graphic and colorful with visual impact? Check, check, check. Either framed or just mounted using a handy quilt hanger, a quilt can make a stunning (and totally original) addition to your walls.

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November 30, 2018

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