Simply put, an armoire is a special type of wardrobe that can serve a number of purposes, whereas a wardrobe is primarily used as an external closet to store clothes, and is simpler in design.

As with many things, it’s often just a case of favored terminology over the actual features and characteristics of the piece. An armoire tends to be a more ornate piece of furniture that can also be used for things like entertainment centers, since its shelving and closed doors are perfect for hiding away TVs and games to achieve a formal look. Traditionally, armoires were actually used to store weapons and armor, hence their bigger and heavier statures.

Antique and vintage armoires feature exquisite designs that make them more of a style component, while wardrobes tend to have more basic detailing. Opt for an armoire if you want to give your room that certain je ne sais quoi, or choose a wardrobe if you’re just looking for something more practical and minimal. No matter what you need, Chairish offers a wide variety of armoires and wardrobes that are sure to suit your tastes!

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December 10, 2019

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