House plants breathe life — both literally and figuratively — into any interior. Succulents anoint a space with a bohemian feel. Cacti set a cool, minimalist tone. Vines make a room feel like a maximalist jungle. If you’ve been dreaming of fill your space with foliage, read on to get ingenious ideas on how to decorate with house plants. Whether you’ve been mulling over where exactly to station your flora or what planters best fit your aesthetic, let us help you cultivate the perfect set-up!

Kobel & Co. Interior Design Studio placed a blue-potted plant on top of a tulip dining table in this breakfast nook. Blue dining chairs, a chandelier with frosted globes, and rattan curtains finish the vignette.
Design by Kobel & Co Interior Design Studio / Photo by Nate Sheets

Set a Green Scene

If you’re committed to bringing the outdoors in, embrace a more-is-more mentality. Whether you’re decorating your bathroom, office, or kitchen, a plethora of flora can conjure the feeling that nature has taken over your home. Draft a tall palm plant, tropical plant, or topiary as a focal point, or use one to fill a corner, flanking an architectural features like a mantel, or accentuate a room’s height. Just like you would layer lighting or color in an interior, layer your house plants as well. Incorporate small or mid-sized pots by placing them on side tables, shelves, or even windowsills. You can also tuck plants into unexpected spots like between books on a bookcase or perched on a cornice shelf.

Liz Caan punctured this bright kitchen with plenty of indoor plants. The greenery adds liveliness and contrast against the dark hardwood floors and dark grey cabinetry.
Design by Liz Caan & Co. / Photo by Eric Roth

Fashion a Floral Point

If you’re hard-pressed to keep a plant alive, take some pressure off and opt for a singular statement plant. A fern with feathery fronds, an architectural evergreen, or a potted bamboo can all function as stunning solo pieces. Plants with showy, water-falling leaves or sculptural trunks can be likened to art in many cases — meaning you don’t have to pack your space with plants to derive a dramatic effect. Alternatively, take your plantings vertical. Mount a staghorn fern on a wall, or opt for a potted fern or spider plant suspended in a macrame sling. Either option can establish a vertical focal point, which can in turn create a sense of depth.

For this home bar, Dodson Interiors created a vignette of a plant in a garden urn, a flower arrangement in a vase, and a metal tray topped with champagne glasses
Design by Dodson Interiors / Photo by Nathan Schroder

Choose the Right Vessel

While greenery elevates any space, picking a planter that suits your space is what really clinches the deal. A stone garden urn can imbue sophistication, while a kitschy ceramic pot dating to the 1950s can curate retro character. Planters also present a great opportunity to introduce texture and accent colors into a room. A colorfully glazed planter or rough-hewn terracotta planter can procure serious design interest.

Dodson Interiors punctuated this dining room with wood planters filled with greenery. A dark wood dining table, wicker dining chairs, and a round mirror also fill the room
Design by Dodson Interiors / Photo by Nathan Schroder

Cultivate a Hospitable Haven

If you’re looking to sustain a healthy, long-term relationship with your house plants, it’s vital that you curate an environment with the right temperature and sun exposure. Spots that take in bright, indirect light are crucial for many plants. (Although it’s worth noting that there are plenty of flora varieties that thrive in low-light conditions. Hello snake plants!) All in all, make sure you do a bit of research before purchasing any greenery. Ask yourself: what type of soil, light, and planters does my house plant need in order to prosper?

Lead image: Design by Mendelson Group, Inc. / Photo by Tria Giovan


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July 25, 2022

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