Kyla of House of Hipsters is all about flea markets, estate sales and finding vintage pieces to complete her styling vignettes. A creative director and graphic designer by day, Kyla’s got the design chops and a perfectly vintage aesthetic to decorate her home in a way that’s perfectly her. She showed us a few ways she’s decorating her bar cart, aka a party on wheels, in her home.

Bar carts are my jam. A little brass and glass number equipped with fancy decanters and vintage lucite bar tools, corralling my favorite libations and gold-rimmed rocks glasses. Be still my heart…they’re a pretty party on wheels. But let me tell you, that little bar cart requires some serious styling ability to keep it fabulous and uncluttered. Today we are going to break it down and show you how to make it happen in your own home.


Modern Gold Bar Cart on Chairish with alcohol bottles and frames

First and foremost, you don’t have to be a drinker to own a bar cart. They are extremely versatile when it comes to home decor. Turn them into a nightstand, a shelf for cookbooks, even a side table in the living room. Yep, that’s right, a bar cart can serve all these functions…it’s all in the styling love. Before we get crazy though, let’s take a look at the obvious…true bar cart styling, the alcoholic way.

I like to be practical when styling my bar cart. Not every single bottle of alcohol has to be displayed. In fact, I like to stick to what I pull out the most – those for my signature cocktail and the husband’s choice of beverage on the rocks. Too many bottles equals a whole lotta clutter. Now let’s add in a set of your favorite glasses. I chose my vintage gold-rimmed highball glasses and some vintage gold striped roly poly glasses to start. I love the idea of adding vintage barware into the mix. It throws in some personality and uniqueness.

Modern Gold Bar Cart with Naked Female Vase with alcohol bottles on Chairish.

A sparkly crystal glass decanter pulls at my heart strings. Eye candy that can be difficult to pull off in a coffee table vignette. To bring a touch more glitz to the bottom shelf there is a set of three Mid-Century brass and glass liquor decanters. The roly poly glasses felt a bit tight, so I removed them. I needed room for my lifestyle pieces. Personal accessories to make it my own.

To keep it from feeling to overtly boozy, I added in a vase with some greenery. This also gives the cart some height and keeps the eye moving. A sculptural piece is a must. It not only adds interest but some funk and flare to your vignette. Chosen was a vintage naked lady glass that is oh so cha-cha cool, and I filled her with sparkly swizzle sticks. A piece of art over your cart is always necessary. Again, it keeps that eye moving. Bada Bing, Bada Boom…you’ve got yourself one swanky and stylin’ bar cart.

Living Room Corner with Modern Gold Bar Cart and Large Photograph of tropical Beach.

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Well, this set up is all fine and good if you partake in a boozy beverage here and there, but say you’re not the drinkin’ type. Can a bar cart still fit into your lifestyle? You bet your bottom dollar it can. Let’s break it down and look at the same cart styled as a side table.

First, add in you favorite lamp. It’s probably the most important trick to mixing the bar cart into your everyday decor. This little lucite lamp was just begging to be added. It give a nice balance to the brass and glass. I offset it with a vintage painting and added in a rattan club chair draped in sheepskin.

Modern Gold Bar Cart Decorated with Pair of Blue Ceramic Dragons on Chairish.

A stack of books and a potted plant gives the glitz and glam of the brass bar cart a more casual look. A bit more homey feel. Nothing in this vignette screams, “Hey you! Look at me! I’m a bar cart!” Again, add in that sculptural piece to bring in some funk, interest and personality. You want to make it your own. I loves me a set of turquoise foo dogs. In fact, some of the best advice given to me was, if you see a pair of foo dogs, don’t hesitate…buy them…immediately. They go with everything.

Need more convincing, well, don’t you worry. I have one more set up for you. Everyone seems to have that awkward nook in their kitchen. A corner where not even the standard “put a plant in it” stylist advice can help. And I don’t know about you, but I seem to have amassed a collection of fancy cookbooks that I’d love to showcase, but can’t spare the counter space. Not to worry, a bar cart swoops in to save the day.

Modern Gold Bar Cart Next to Bohemian Rattan Chair with Tasseled Throw Blanket.

I took my stacks of cookbooks and accessorized them with a chippy copper bowl, vintage pottery, and this funky little white llama found on Chairish. He’s so quirky and unexpected. Speaking of which, when Chairish features a stylist’s favorites page, you slam that finger down and peruse the hidden gems that lie within immediately. Drop everything because they goes fast. I’ve found the best stuff this way. After all, they are the experts.

Llama sculpture on a pile of books with gold bar cart on wheels

I hung a Heather Chontos painting horizontally and a vintage macramé wall hanging to keep my corner looking boho chic. Looking for that over-dyed turquoise rug? Step right this way. Ya, I told you, we have it all.

So what are you waiting for? Go snap up a pretty bar cart already.

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October 19, 2016

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