Blye Faust- noted film and television producer, and also… designer? Yup. This triple threat not only has a new movie named“Spotlight” coming out this year, she’s also an amazing designer who has brought her Hollywood glam design sensibility to Chairish!

Blue Faust poses on blush armchair in front of a wood credenza with black and white painting

As one who rubs elbows with some of our favorite actors and actresses and sees the most beautiful spaces around, we were giddy to get a chance to chat with her about all things design. Read on to get her pro styling tips!

My design motto is…

Tell a story.  The spaces in which you live, work, and play should be a reflection of your histories and passions, and be a welcoming place to share the things that bring you the greatest joy.

The best design tip I ever received was….

“In a house that steers clear of the happy medium, even casual visitors can sense that something good is going on. They may rave, they may applaud, they may laugh, they may be shocked. But they’ll never, ever yawn.”  –Billy Baldwin

I can’t live without my…

Pair of tan leather armchairs with black metal arms and bases

Fabulous Lawson Fenning Box Chairs that hold court in my living room.

My design crush is….

Jean Louis Deniot.

My favorite season is _____ because…

Summer!  I am a California girl through and through, and nothing makes me happier than a sunny day with the light streaming in and a warm breeze blowing through.

Walls: Paint? Wallpaper? Light? Dark? What’s your go-to wall preference?

Since I’m such a sucker for bold, colorful contemporary art, neutral paint (often white and gray) seems to be my calling card as it provides a great canvas on which to display the stars of the show.

Living Room floor: Wood? Painted? Rug(s)? How do you like your floors?

Empty apartment with herring bone wood flooring and white crown molding

Wood floors (I have a particular weakness for herringbone or parquet) coupled with a gorgeous area rug all the way.

The film or TV show whose aesthetic made you swoon….

The sets for “The Fountainhead” (1949) are absolute perfection.  If you love art deco at its best, look no further.

What’s a design trend you’re seeing (and liking)?

I’m actually starting to see influences of art deco cropping up with more frequency in contemporary pieces, which is thrilling when it’s done well.  (I also love that there are also so many authentic vintage pieces coming available via resources like Chairish!)

If a newbie wanted to achieve a “Hollywood Glam” look, what design tips would you have?

Steer clear of clichés and pick a few statement pieces to contrast with some understated ones in order to achieve a striking look that is glamorous yet not overdone.  

Living room with gray sofas and gold and crystal chandelier with built-in gold mirror

Shop Blye’s very own pieces as well as a curated collection here.


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February 21, 2015

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