“It’s the little things.” Call us conventional, but this tried and true advice is… well… correct. When you’re looking to make an impact without totally overhauling your spaces, focus on the small changes that make a big difference. The most effective one is updating your hardware. 

There’s no need to buy all-new furniture every time you want to refresh your spaces (not that we’re not obsessed with cabinets, dressers, chests, and especially desks these days). You can revitalize any piece by selecting new knobs, pulls, and handles that provide that extra oomph to already great items. And one of the brands that’s best known for creating those beautiful accent pieces is Addison Weeks. Founded by jewelry designers Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford, Addison Weeks is known for colorful, often gem-filled hardware that provides the extra exclamation point to furniture design. We spoke with Lee and Kat about their company, their designer collaborations, and the trends they’re seeing now.

Courtesy of Addison Weeks. Design by Amie Corley Interiors.

For the uninitiated, can you tell us a bit about Addison Weeks, and how the brand has evolved over the years? 

We began as a jewellery atelier in 2010 and organically grew into a luxury home fashion brand. We apply the same jeweller’s eye for detail to each of our pieces. The result is a carefully crafted decorative hardware collection that reimagines timeless designs and materials that are refreshingly original and elegant. We draw our inspiration from natural elements, antiques, architecture, and historical art.

Addison Weeks is known for its designer collaborations, working with names like Barrie Benson, Michelle Nussbaumer, and Eddie Ross. How do those develop, and how do the designers work in collaboration with the brand?

We believe the best designs come from the best designers. Our designer collaborations all begin with the needs in the marketplace and matching them with a designer’s philosophy. We work hand-in-hand with the designers to come up with a collection. Once designs are shortlisted we work with expert artisans and metalsmiths to give life to sketches and 3D designs. Lots of our designs use luxury materials like gemstones, which we shortlist with the designers and source from mines in South Asia, Africa, and Latina America. We generally develop multiple collections and choose the final pieces based on how the end product comes out. It’s an organic process that we’ve finessed over the years. 

Courtesy of Addison Weeks. Design by Michelle Nussbaumer Design.

Any upcoming collaborations you’d like to highlight or announce?

We recently launched our collaboration with Kravet for their iCreate line, which allows designers the ability to customize their pieces with particular hardware. We also have another exciting collaboration in the works with a brilliant Southeastern designer. We can’t release their name yet but we are really excited about it.

Hardware is often a finishing touch to a space, one that can take something seemingly small and deliver a big impact. What kind of tips do you have for designers and consumers alike with this in mind?

Now more than ever, we are stuck at home and do not have a lot of personal time to upgrade spaces. Hardware, the finishing touch to a space, should also be the first place to look when trying to spruce up a room in your house. It’s so easy to keep that chest and add new life to it by swapping out the knobs. 

Courtesy of Addison Weeks. Design by Barrie Benson Interior Design.

Addison Weeks has pieces for a wide range of styles. What are some of the most surprising or unique uses of your hardware that you’ve seen? 

Kate Hutchinson, of Kate H Design, created a beautiful bathroom and used our Windsor Backplate and Harrison Large Knob as a towel hook. This inspired our team to think outside of the specific hardware world and into the design world — think towel rods, toilet paper holders, etc. 

Are you seeing any interesting trends in terms of popular finishes or products right now? Where do you see styles going in the next few years?

We have noticed a lot more wallpaper and bold colors paired with our hardware — things like fuschia lacquered bars paired with brass and malachite hardware, or kelly green wallpaper paired with nickel and lapis gemstone knobs. We think people will be more adventurous with their style choices because they know it doesn’t have to be permanent. 

Courtesy of Addison Weeks. Design by Cindy McCord Design.

Addison Weeks is also known for incorporating gorgeous gemstones into hardware. How did this develop, and what are some of the most popular products in this space?

We first began designing gemstone jewelry, which led us to designing decorative gemstone hardware. We have always loved how gemstones can make a piece truly unique since they are all hand cut and polished… not one of them will be the exact same. The top three popular gemstones are moonstone, labradorite, and rose quartz because of their ability to easily transition into any interior.

Your hardware is already frequently used in showhouses around the country, including the recent inaugural Kips Bay Dallas. What’s it like contributing to showhouses, where designers are really letting their imaginations run wild?

This is one of the best parts of our jobs. We love seeing how clients and designers use our hardware, especially in these settings where the rooms are so elaborate. Doniphan Moore’s His and Her Closet in Kips Bay Dallas was absolutely stunning. The Allen Semi on the big doors and the tiny Lane Knobs on the top cabinets really add to the intricate details of the room.

Courtesy of Addison Weeks. Design by Doniphan Moore Interiors.

On that same train of thought, what would be one project or home where you’d love to see Addison Weeks featured?

Everywhere! People are so creative in the way they use our hardware, not just in homes but on yachts, jets, and hotels. 

If you could teach people one lesson about hardware that they need to know for their next project, what would it be? 

Don’t be afraid to use color in your space. Using a natural color like the gemstones we offer is a great way to add another dimension into your room. Whether it’s a small knob like the Horne Small or a large piece like the Downing, these gemstones are a simple way to add depth to your project.

Lead image courtesy of Addison Weeks; design by Denise McGaha

November 13, 2020

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