We’ve long been Annie Selke devotees at Chairish, from her vibrant, varied rugs to her creative textiles and pillows (check out our conversation with Annie from just last year for the proof!). So we were extra-delighted when The Tile Shop launched an incredible collection with Annie, translating her designs into over 200 colorful, textural tiles that designers and consumers alike have come to love.

Annie Selke Tile Shop
The Glam collection

“Annie is a legend of good taste and style,” says Kirsten Froelich, director of design for The Tile Shop. “Her beautiful collection of home decor, rugs, linens, art, and bedding inspires us. We were excited to translate some of our favorites into tile.” And translating them is just what they did, interpreting and tweaking some of Annie’s most noteworthy patterns to transform them into a varied assortment of tiles. This diversity enables people to use them in any number of spaces, from bathrooms and kitchens to floors and fireplaces. 

Annie Selke Tile Shop
The Ikat collection

The expansive collection includes five discrete lines, all demonstrated in photos on this page. 

  • The Artisanal collection features 12 colors and a crackled finish, perfect for a modern farmhouse feeling.
  • Palazzo is all about vivid colors, unique textures, and one-of-a-kind patterns designed to be noticed.
  • The Texture collection serves just that—tiles that look almost like fabrics, with rich textures pulled directly from their inspirations.
  • Ikat is all about those classic ikat patterns in an array of colorful, eye-catching designs.
  • The Glam collection sparkles and shines with tiles that serve as works of art all on their own.
Annie Selke Tile Shop
The Artisanal collection

“This collection started with bringing the ‘soft’ textiles that we specialize in—like bedding, rugs, and decorative pillows—and interpreting them into the ‘hard’ tile product that the Tile Shop excels at,” Annie Selke says. “We looked through our favorite textiles and found the ones that really lent themselves to tile. Plus the Tile Shop did an outstanding job bringing some pretty specific and special textiles to life as tile.”

Annie Selke Tile Shop
The Palazzo collection

These inspired looks make it easy to coordinate and pair patterns across textiles, rugs, and tiles, leading to some pretty stellar results. Whatever your style—and whatever the room—there’s something in these collections to “bring happy home.” “There should be something that makes you smile in every room,” Annie Selke says—and we couldn’t agree more.

The Texture collection

Click below to watch a video about the Annie Selke collection with The Tile Shop.

Be sure to follow The Tile Shop to keep up with new releases from the brand, including new patterns, colors, and collaborations.

Shown at the top: The Annie Selke Goldfeaf Speckle Ceramic Wall Tile. All images courtesy of The Tile Shop.


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May 1, 2023

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