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Studio 60


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Here at Studio 60, we specialize in luxury high-end lacquered refinishing and custom-tailored furniture design restoration.

We make it simple to transform a dated piece of furniture or family antique into a one-of-a-kind heirloom. We believe that any space can be curated into a refined, aesthetically inspiring room that begins with the restorative beautification of existing furniture and the selection of curated furnishings that have been transformed by hand to reflect timeless designs.   

​Each piece we bring into our studio is handpicked by us for its character and quality. From start to finish, we source the highest quality oils, industrial coatings, and use state of the art equipment and tools. Leaving no detail unfinished, we carefully inspect our piece selections from hardware to detailed embellishments and hardware refinishing and upgrade. 

Lacquer, our primary finish, provides a hard, durable surface that can sustain everyday use while retaining its luxurious finish.  All pieces are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, repaired, and sanded. We offer both standard and a full range of custom colors ranging from matte, satin finish, or high-gloss finish.