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  1. Image of 'Liz', After Andy Warhol, 1969; Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood, Pop Art, Chelsea, New York, the Factory For Sale
  2. Image of Modern Marais African Style Bench For Sale
  3. Image of "The Hedge Clipper" Photograph For Sale
  4. Image of Papperzini Style Patio Garden Drink Table For Sale
  5. Image of Verdure Print Linen Large Pillow Cover For Sale
  6. Image of Rare Vintage Rope Bird Large Lounge Coastal Chair Aft Bertoia For Sale


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Sorelle Gallery specializes in a wide variety of contemporary and modern art from both emerging and established artists. Our staff has over 50 years combined experience serving both residential and corporate clients.

Our focus is on each individual client. Be it home or business, we will support you in selecting art that best serves your vision, space, and resources.

History has shown, when collectors bought art they loved, their investment is paid back many times over, if it happens to increase in value, that's a further benefit. Investment shouldn't be the primary purpose of collecting, even though an artist's established market is important to consider.

Surrounding yourself with artwork is an enriching experience. Your collection should reflect segments of your personality. We want to help you acquire new works of art that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

To set up a complimentary art consultation with one of our art advisors, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.