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SKIN offers its own custom-made furniture line, designed by Ziol. “We are so inspired
by French Deco and Paris flea market pieces of the 20’s and 40’s.” The materials and
scale are a perfect fit for any space and add elegance and style of a bygone era to
the home.
Passion, design, partnership and purpose all came together when SKIN’s
co-founders, Lauren Lozano Ziol and Michelle Jolas founded the interior design and
lifestyle company SKIN in 2017. Inspired by the way one’s physical skin acts as a
canvas on which their image, identity and style are seen by all the world, Ziol and
Jolas understand the power environments hold over how people feel. Just as no two
clients are alike, neither are SKIN’s projects. A dynamic duo, Ziol and Jolas are able to
find the pulse in every space. The result is beautiful, functional, inhabitable works of
art for their clients to enjoy for years to come. From furniture and jewelry, to art and
philanthropic projects, SKIN is dedicated to creating beautiful and inspiring spaces
that everyone can enjoy.