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Architect led design-build, plus interior design.

When a client expresses interest in working with Shumaker Design, the initial consultation is designed to elicit discovery and fun. They use this opportunity to develop a relationship conducive to their process.

Each client is different and their team takes their relationship with each very seriously. They begin the process with an interview to determine if they have the same philosophical views on how the client wants to use the space. They love connecting with clients who appreciate design and the value of the planning process. The interview process often reveals how involved the client would like to be and it’s also the time Shumaker Design shares what will be expected of the client. Some clients, they admit, trust them unconditionally and aren’t as involved while others appreciate a more hands-on and collaborative process. The team welcomes the opportunity to work with their clients however involved they’d like to be.

Good design should create an environment that is responsive to the needs of the client and stimulates them. By working together closely at the onset, Suzanne and Garry work to identify the challenges and context in which they’re working so they can create solutions that give way to new forms of expression and to enhance their clients’ everyday lives. Fundamentally, to make good design is to be thoughtful of those who will be using it, mindful of the environment that surrounds it, and is created in an engaging way that is an expression of its residents and the world in which they live.

Creating a beautiful space needn’t be stressful nor overwhelming. Good design can be accessible for anyone with proper planning. Suzanne and Garry welcome the opportunity to work with clients to create spaces that are perfect for them and to find those details that make their spaces uniquely their own.