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Our company was created out of hobby. Our love for design in general and furniture in specific lead us to renew our interior on regular base. At a certain point, we found out that we became more knowledgable on design furniture, more enthousiast about it during the process and more passionate about the idea of actually expanding this hobby into a real life business.

We started of in Artifort pieces and expanded the hobby into Eames pieces while nowadays the assortment consists of high quality pieces from several well-known and less well-known and up-and-coming designers and brands. Our assortment is carefully selected for our customer base, whereby we focus on quality, affordability and design. We like to have a variety in our assortment between established and well-known premium pieces and less well-known items that are still considered affordable. Our focus lies on art-deco, mid-century and (post)modernistic design from the period 1909 to 1999.

In October 2019 we started an actual business and called it “Redesignable”. We consider used furniture of considerable (design) quality as having eternal value, continuing relevance for interior design and lasting application in modern interiors. Therefore, we consider this furniture as being redesignable over the course of time.

We are more than happy to serve your needs and we can ship worldwide.