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Hi! I'm Amy - founder and maker at Mo&Co Home. As someone who cherishes magical moments in nature, I strive to create and share products that emulate that feeling.

My daily ritual of burning taper candles at dinner sparked a curiosity in the candle making craft. I began learning how dipped candles were made, where the materials were sourced, and how cleanly different materials burned. After many dipping trials, and several pounds of material testing, our classic 10 inch taper beeswax candle was created.

Mo&Co has since blossomed into a small business. I hope my handcrafted candles will bring light into your homes and lives.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of people and the bees, by making the cleanest burning beeswax candles.

Mo&Co Home sources all materials for our candles carefully and thoughtfully. We use the highest grade beeswax from the USA. The dipped taper candles harmonize the visual and physical characteristics of the ingredients, to provide you with a beautiful and clean burning experience.