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Marjorie Blume is an artist and designer living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She grew up in the beautiful state of Alaska and it inspires her to no end. She lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 27 years before moving to Oregon in 2012. Her art education includes studying graphic design at the University of Alaska Anchorage, studying fashion marketing, merchandising, and textile design at the Art Institute of Portland, and general art practices at Portland State University. Marjorie creates paintings, illustrations, and patterns based on her whimsical and sometimes abstract style. She enjoys many creative disciplines, including painting, drawing, print making, textile design, and making jewelry. Marjorie translates her illustrations and original paintings into designs and patterns for various products.

From Marjorie-
"My style leans on abstract and has many touches of whimsical surrealism. Art in and of itself tends to be more about creating more than anything. It’s cathartic, freeing, and scary all at once. At this time in my life I want to make life a little brighter, a little more meaningful for everyone, and that includes making art that not only moves but is more accessible. In my paintings, illustrations, or even jewelry I have in mind that something so small, or large for that matter, can be a significant inspiration or an insightful, sentimental piece to a future owner or admirer. Creating is something I have done for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska has led to much inspiration in what I do and what I aspire to be. I still wish to grow as a designer, as an artist, and mostly as a human being. My education is never ending, and the inspirations are ever-broadening, and I hope that I can continue to share them with everyone."