Ruth T.

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Ruth T.


I recently retired and am downsizing from a large home filled with art that I’ve collected over the past 30 or so years. One of my former positions was the business manager for a local contemporary crafts store that featured quality handmade American crafts, women’s wearables and accessories. I learned a lot about technique and collected quite a bit of art while working there, but my passion did not ebb when I moved on to another job, so trips to the American Craft Council’s annual show in Baltimore during Winter Market satisfied my yearning. I was introduced to new artists and work and so my collection continued to grow.

My style is contemporary but I love quirkiness and unexpected surprises. Being of an earth sign, ceramics really talk to me—the warmth of a smooth stoneware mug in my hand, the variations in the different media, firing techniques, application of paint and glazes, etc. I’m constantly appreciative of the deep learning and skill that go into a well crafted piece but, as with everything I encounter, what appeals to me is the connection I make with art and how it has to have special meaning for me, whether it’s the artist’s story or my own.

I’m always told by people that they love my style, whether it’s the way I dress or how I’ve decorated my home. I’ve been asked by others if I’d help them dress or decorate their own homes, but that’s never been my true calling. I just like to surround myself with beauty and love. All these years later, I still walk through my home and look at my artwork with deep appreciation.

So, as I prepare to depart with some of my work, I’m hoping that Chairish will connect me with other people like me, who will love and care for these pieces as I have so they bring joy to their lives, too.

I hope you like my collection! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have. And, as with life, enjoy!