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I am a creative savant, high-functioning autistic.

Remember each circular window shining with unique shapes and colors brighter than your surroundings~? That's because the glass in the scope gathers light~! All of the different kinds of my work (paintings, drawings, sculptures) gather and radiate light because of the placement of color, form and line.

Back to the kaleidoscope. Turn the wheel and another vision appears. A fresh sequence of colors and shapes come into view. So too are the many different genres I have developed. Some you will like better than others. Just like the kaleidoscope.

I work in many different mediums. Oil pigment, acrylic, watercolor. Dry pigment and pastel. Ink. Charcoal and Conte pencil.
Iron, plaster, wood, found objects.
Globes, dioramas and installations.

Works from Nature - landscapes, seascapes, riverscapes. Trees. Birds. Flowers and still-lifes. Horses. Dogs and cats. Portraiture.

Abstracts - cosmology, metaphysics, mysticism, and shamanism. Astronomy, astrophysics, geology, and seismology.