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Discover - Preserve - Connect

Fortitudos is a European company based in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. Located in Europe, we can travel to the distant corners, explore the small towns and understand the local culture to bring you exceptional works rarely offered elsewhere. We are your direct source that continually refreshes our gallery with the latest and greatest discoveries – unlike traditional importers who are limited to one or two trips to Europe each year.

In addition to our dedication of finding the most extraordinary piece for you, we take the newly discovered item to the next level. Each item purchased from Fortitudos is presented to a range of experts defined by their category to verify each piece enriching them with history and life. We are passionate about acquiring the history for each piece so it can tell us its story and we can share it with you and yours.

We work closely with local city officials, 3rd party appraisers and art universities to ensure we can preserve the history correctly and accurately. Each piece from Fortitudos comes with a detailed certificate documenting the profile and uniqueness of the artist or work.

Fortitudos aims to connect disappearing art forms to new owners to help guard and ensure they live on. We serve as an broker between you and your new sought after additions to your life that help you define you. We are online, so we can reach across the world to share the extraordinary history and art from Europe to your home.

Fortitudos is your partner to help you acquire works specific to your needs, requirements or projects. We pride ourselves on connecting customers with original verified works from all over Europe that exceeds their expectations.

We bring Europe home.