Denise Souza Finney


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Denise Souza Finney is an artist creating contemporary and original acrylic paintings in a semi abstract style utilizing extensive layering and removal of paint which creates a complex visual display of colors and textures.
"My goal through art, is to create a connection to others by expressing my single experience in the best way I know how using a medium that I have grown to know very well - acrylic paint. I choose the figure as my main subject matter because it can represent all of us and our experiences as peoples. I mostly use the female figure because I relate most closely to that image.
As an artist, I am driven to create a visual representation of my interaction and experience in the world. I do this by using my own unique language of color, shape, and story. Often we search for an alternate language in which to express our thoughts and feelings that are outside of our skills of speech, the main reason why I create is to search for a visual ‘language’ which may alternately express what I know.
All I know involves my experience of being human and relating to other people and experiences. This is what inspires me, to bring images forward that a viewer can look at and react to strongly, because somewhere in their selves they understand this alternate individual’s language, and they can experience in that moment what I have experienced."