Scattered Galeries

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Scattered Galeries is a melting pot of excellent craftsmanship, exotic textures, surprising elements, sophisticated stones, bursts of unexpected colors and both rustic and polished antiques.

The galerie hand selects unique items from across the globe- searching for pieces with soul, life, character and history. When a special item is found, it goes through an extensive vetting process: we check its structure, foundation, condition and make the decision whether to keep it's quirks or restore it to full grandious condition.
Our team is highly selective in this process, as we aim to present you with a high standard of timelessness in all of our pieces. We aim for each piece to be received, loved and cherished for many generations, as the truth is: these items will all outlive us. The saying "leave it better than we found it" rings true through the spirit of this galerie.

With a mix of classic, timeless, trendy and a unique antique pop modern flair, Scattered Galeries defies the boundaries between space, time and culture.