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  1. Image of Casa Cosima Hayes Sideboard, Smoke For Sale
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  3. Image of Carver Armchairs with Chromium Steel Frame, 1970s, Set of 2 For Sale
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  5. Image of Coconut Shell Veneered Dining Chairs, 1980s, Set of 8 For Sale
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<div>We provide inspiring design solutions for our clients paired with compassionate service. We strive to create engaging, lovely interiors with a timeless and eclectic well informed design perspective that respects our environment while uplifting our clients’ families and our communities. Founding designer, Kenna Stout designs spaces that strive to achieve a balance between beauty, functionality and imagination. Her designs focus on the needs and desires of each individual and accentuate the unique qualities of the architecture they impact. Being present and aware in her surroundings allows her to find inspiration for designs in every place and at every moment. Whether in an ancient house of worship, a crowded city street, or her garden: the environment is her medium, and every place tells a unique story. She listens to these stories to help her clients create their own through their environments.</div>