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Antique clocks, art deco, vintage from Germany & France
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Attention! For the purpose of safe transportation, the goods are delivered partially disassembled. You will need to assemble it by yourself (screws included). When packing the clocks, I remove the movement and the pendulum and pack them in a separate box. You will have to put the mechanism in place yourself and hang the pendulum. Please remember this.
I live in France's historical and cultural center - Strasbourg, which, like a rotating pennant, has changed its face several times since its inception. Only in the period from 1870 to 1945, Strasbourg changed its nationality four times: then Germans, then French. Today, Strasbourg is the title of the most German city in France and is a symbol of Franco-German reconciliation. Even the name of the city (translated from German as “city (at the intersection) of roads”) emphasizes its important strategic importance. Needless to say, such a great transformation has left its historical and cultural traces in every home in this region called Alsace.
I am a collector of antique clocks and I am selling my collection. Each sample is unique and is supposed to be a hundred years old, bears the imprint of time and the memory of its owners. You have the opportunity to become the owner of a unique clock, realizing that these are the final touches of history given by time.
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My items are shipped from Europe, so US buyers may need to bear additional costs such as customs duties or taxes. I am not responsible for the actions of the customs service.