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How does Chairish work?

Chairish connects buyers and sellers and makes it easy to buy and sell gently used furniture and home decor of all types and styles, from lightly used items to pieces with great bones that may just need a bit of love. We welcome sellers that range from professionals with hundreds of listings to individuals with one or more item to sell.

Once a listing is submitted our curators review each listing to find exceptional and unique pre-owned furniture and home decor. You’ll receive an email letting you know if an items has been accepted or declined within 24 hours. We accept and decline listings based on demand. Our primary criteria are that pieces are stylish, in good shape and offered at a great value.

With access to one of a kind inventory direct from the owner, you get great value, a wonderful piece you can talk about, and the benefit of buying direct from the person who owns it - which means you get the full story and a price that will give you bragging rights to boot.

How do I create a new listing?

Listing is easy and free! Get started here.

For each listing, you'll provide asking price, measurements, descriptions and photos, and can also talk about your item's materials, history, and more. The more information you can provide to the buyer, the more likely you are to have a successful sale without a return.

Great pictures will help your item sell. We require several well-lit shots of all angles and close-ups of any damage or wear. Please upload original, unaltered images. Photos that have been edited with a watermark or a photo effects filter of any kind are not suitable for publishing on Chairish. Chairish will then typically "white out" the background of the main picture.

Five tips for taking great furniture photos:

  1. Clear all accessories that are on or around the piece of furniture.
  2. Turn off the flash! Use natural light, but not direct sunlight.
  3. Find a simple, uncluttered background.
  4. Use different angles.
  5. Include photos of the entire piece as well as key elements, and include any damage.

Chairish will review your item and generally respond within 24 hours to let you know if the item has been accepted. Once a listing is accepted, we try to have it edited, live, and available for sale on Chairish within 5 business days.

Why was my listing declined?

When we decline a listing we are not making a judgement about the item being sold. We operate similar to a traditional consignment store, in which we accept or decline items to sell on Chairish based on the items that are currently selling on the site. We are alway looking for great pieces in any style but are mainly accepting vintage Mid-Century, Danish, Hollywood Regency and Industrial style pieces.

Does Chairish take a commission?

Chairish takes a 20% commission on the sale price of all sales of $2500 or less and an incrementally smaller commission on sales of higher than $2500.

  1. Amounts less than or equal to $2,500: 20% Commission
  2. Amounts between $2,501 - $25,000: 12% Commission
  3. Amounts greater than $25,000: 3% Commission

See the graphic below for some examples of how our Commission scale works:

How does payment work?

All sales are considered final after the 48 hour return period has passed or a local pickup has been completed. You can generally expect payment 4 to 6 days after delivery or 2-3 days after a local pickup is confirmed. You'll receive an automated payment confirmation email when your payment has been transmitted.

You can also confirm that payment is being processed when an item shows as 'Delivered' in the 'My Sold Items' portion of the dashboard. When the order moves from to 'Payment Issued' the funds have been transmitted via PayPal. You can use the link below to see your sold items!

How does shipping work?

Smaller items and decor are generally shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS and typically take 7-10 days for delivery. Following sale customers will receive an email confirming the carrier name and tracking number and we ask that all sellers ship their item within 3 business days after being sold.

For larger items and furniture we schedule all orders within 1 business day following a sale and our buyers and seller receive an update with the carrier name and tracking number. Most larger items are picked up within 10 business days following receipt of a tracking number. Our white glove shipping partners will handle any needed wrapping and/or packaging and all items are insured for the full sale price against damage that occurs during the shipping process.

Following pickup, local deliveries typically take 7-10 days, and longer distance deliveries typically take about 3-6 weeks. In some cases delivery can take up to 8 weeks. This typically happens when the seller and/or buyer are located in smaller or more remote markets where white glove pickup and delivery frequency is only once or twice per month.

As a peer to peer marketplace selling unique pre-owned furniture going to and from sellers and buyers all over the country, shipping can take longer than traditional retail purchases. Most larger items require special handling and must be shipped using specialized shipping partners. If an item can be safely packed to move through lower cost small package (UPS/FedEx etc.) or freight channels, we try to do so.

Returns and damages

Buyers have 48 hours after delivery to inspect their item(s) and contact if they wish to initiate a return or report a problem. After 48 hours all sales are considered final. Unless an item has been clearly misrepresented the buyer will be responsible for outbound and return shipping charges. Buyers may not be reimbursed for returns that are not received in original condition.

To Request a return please email and include specific details as to why you would like to return the item. If you feel that there is a problem with the item you purchased please also include photos detailing your concerns. Please include photos showing the specific area of concern along with photos of the item in it’s entirety.

For Local Pickup, the 48-hour return policy does not apply. You must reject the item at the time of pickup. Do not take the item with you. Following pickup all sales are considered final.

To protect yourself from disappointment or something unexpected, please closely inspect item photos, descriptions, and details before purchasing anything. If you're unsure about an item's condition, dimensions, quantity, or description, please ask the seller prior to completing your purchase. From any listing you can ask the seller a question by clicking on “Ask the seller” in the "Comments & Questions" section of the listing.

Cancelling an order

We do allow you to cancel an order prior to shipping. Once an item has shipped the buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping out and back it they choose to cancel an order. To request a cancellation please email

How do I ask a question about a product?

From any listing you can ask the seller a question by clicking on "Ask the seller" in the "Comments & Questions" section of the listing. Your questions or comments will be sent directly to the seller and will be displayed for all to see on the product page. You'll receive any seller response(s) via email. Those responses will also be displayed on the product page.

We ask that you do not use this feature to exchange contact information or attempt to facilitate sales outside of Chairish. If you find a comment that you'd like to report just click on the "flag" button and we'll follow up. If you have a comment or issue you would like to take offline or that is not appropriate for all to see, please email us at

Please note that product Q&A is not yet enabled using the mobile app. For now product questions will need to be submitted via a web browser. Thanks!

How does "Make an Offer" work?

When an offer is made we charge customers for the full sale price of any offer. This is to avoid a Craigslist like experience for our sellers. We want to make sure that the customer is truly interested and that the offer is confirmed with payment. When an offer is accepted the sale is final.

Sellers have 72 hours to respond to new offers and we do take seller response time very seriously. In most cases our sellers reply right away. For those that do not we make a point of following up and may limit their ability to sell additional items on Chairish if they are repeatedly unresponsive.

When an offer is declined or countered we refund the full amount of the offer back to the buyer's account immediately. Any subsequent offers or counter offers will be charged in full again.

Seller Guide

Want to learn more about how to sell on Chairish? Read our complete Seller Guide.

Buyer Guide

Want to learn more about shopping on Chairish? Read our complete Buyer Guide here.

My listing is expiring or has expired. What do I do?

Listings with days of no seller activity, such as markdowns, edits or counter offers, will require renewal to remain active on Chairish.

You can renew items quickly and easily from your My Listings page. You can also renew items by marking them down, which will move your item to the top of collection pages.

Listings that are not renewed within a week will expire. No need to worry if you inadvertently let one or more listings expire. This is a temporary state and you will have the ability to renew any listing even after it expires from your My Listings page.

Shipping & Returns Policy

Want to learn more about shipping on Chairish? Read our complete shipping policy here.

Still have questions? Email us at or use the form below to contact our customer service team. Just detail your question or concern and we'll get back to you shortly.

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