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Transform your used and vintage furniture and decor into cold, hard cash. Chairish makes selling easy as pie. We take care of all the pesky logistics of payments and shipping. You can sell items on Chairish from anywhere in the continental United States.

By using the Service, you agree to comply and abide with our Terms of Service, this Seller Guide, and our Shipping & Returns Policy.

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Getting Started: Listing with Chairish

How do I list an item?

Listing is easy and free! Get started here.

For each listing, you'll provide asking price, measurements, descriptions and photos, and can also talk about your item's materials, history, and more. The more information you can provide to the buyer, the more likely you are to have a successful sale without a return. Include photos that are well-lit, capture all-important angles, and show any damage on the piece.

Chairish will review your item and generally respond within 24 hours to let you know if the item has been accepted. Once a listing is accepted, we try to have it edited, live, and available for sale on Chairish within 5 business days.

How much does it cost to list?

Listing is free and you can delist an item at any time.

What items does Chairish accept?

Chairish is stocked with what our design-oriented buyers want to purchase: exceptional and unique decor and accessories from all eras and styles. Our primary criteria are that pieces are stylish, in good condition and offered at a great value.

Many pieces listed on Chairish are designer, custom, antique, or high-end modern and vintage pieces from the likes of Knoll, Herman-Miller, Christian Liaigre, Ligne Roset, B&B Italia, Chanel, Hermes, YSL, Miriam Haskell, etc. We also love non-branded items with great character.

We currently accept furniture and decor. All items must have a minimum listing price of $10. Due to laws governing the sale of "used" or "secondhand" items, we are unable to accept mattresses, convertible sofas/sofa beds or recliners.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept everything for sale and reserve the right to decline any item or request more information before listing. It may not be a reflection on the piece — we may just have too much of a particular item or style.

How long is an item listed?

Listings are good for as long as the seller has the item available for sale and Chairish feels it should remain active on the site. After 30 days, we may suggest or require that you lower the list price by 10-25% to encourage sale. Experience tells us that if an item does not sell in the first 30 days, the price is likely too high for consumer demand.

Sellers are required to maintain their listings to ensure that all items listed on Chairish remain available for sale. If for any reason an item is no longer available, you must log in to your account and remove the listing immediately.

How should I price my items?

Items on Chairish sell best when they are priced at 30 - 40% of retail. Online shopping is competitive, so keep this in mind when pricing your items.

You set the "asking price," but we may use our data, expertise, and knowledge of the market to suggest a price that will help you move your item more quickly. Whether or not you take our suggestion is up to you.

Most new furniture loses 30 - 70% of its retail value very quickly after purchase. We're here to help you recoup some of that investment, and avoid the traditional 50% commission charged by most consignment shops.

How does the reserve price work?

The reserve price is the minimum you are willing to accept for each listing. The reserve price is not displayed to buyers, but when a potential buyer makes an offer, the reserve price determines whether or not the offer will be automatically accepted. Any offers equal to or greater than your reserve price will be automatically accepted. Offers below your reserve price will require your approval.

Here's an example:

  • Your listing's "Asking Price" = $1000
  • Your listing's "Reserve Price" = $900
  • If a Buyer's offer = $899 or less, you can either accept, counter or decline the offer
  • If a Buyer's offer = $900 or greater, the offer is automatically accepted and the sale is complete

Tips for item photos?

Great pictures will help your item sell. We recommend taking several well-lit shots of all angles and close-ups of any damage or wear and tear.

Please upload original, unaltered images. Photos that have been edited with a watermark or a photo effects filter of any kind are not suitable for publishing on Chairish. Chairish will then typically "white out" the background of the main picture.

Five tips for taking great furniture photos:

  1. Clear all accessories that are on or around the piece of furniture.
  2. Turn off the flash! Use natural light, but not direct sunlight.
  3. Find a simple, uncluttered background.
  4. Use different angles.
  5. Include photos of the entire piece as well as key elements, and include any damage.

What are the benefits to listing with Chairish?

  • You make more money – up to 80% of the selling price goes back to you.
  • Listing with Chairish is free and you can delist an item at any time.
  • Chairish will make your listings look professional, with edited photos and item descriptions.
  • Chairish manages payment and shipping details. We use top notch white glove movers and well-known commercial services for smaller items.
  • Listings are live for as long as a seller has the item available for sale and Chairish feels it should remain active on the site.
  • Our award-winning customer support is available 7 days a week.
  • We attract design-oriented buyers who will appreciate and cherish your items.

What are my responsibilities as a seller?

  • You are solely responsible for all aspects of your listing and item, including providing accurate item information and photos, and adequately storing and maintaining your item. Chairish reserves the right to revise your listing for grammatical errors and minor corrections. You agree to accurately describe each item to the best of your ability.
  • You must provide each item in clean, stain-free, dust-free and safe condition, and in desirable condition and quality for resale, with the exception of any condition you have clearly disclosed in writing or per photographs in the listing description.
  • Chairish reserves the right at any time to inspect or reject any item as unsuitable for sale at any time.
  • If Chairish finds a buyer for the item and you circumvent or go around Chairish in an attempt to avoid payment of the Commission to Chairish, by selling to the buyer developed by Chairish directly, this will be treated as a sale and the Commission will be due and payable to Chairish.
  • You covenant, represent and warrant that you have all rights, authority and clearances necessary for Chairish to sell the item on your behalf, and perform your rights and obligations under this TOS.
  • You will give Chairish or a buyer any documents necessary to transfer the ownership of the item to the buyer. You are solely responsible for all aspects of dealing with your clients and your business (e.g., paying or getting paid by your design clients, handling logistics between you and your clients, and managing your business), and handling all related inquiries and disputes.

How do seller badges work?

Seller Badges are a great way to advertise your shop outside of Chairish, and easily send visitors directly to your shop.

Unfortunately, we can't provide detailed instructions on how to add badges to every website and blogging service, since sites can vary greatly and setup will be different for each.

If you're not sure how to paste the HTML for your badge onto your site, we recommend heading to the help or support center for your website or blog provider. Here are links to some common providers' help centers:

For more information on different ways you can promote your Chairish shop, see our Promotion Guide

Managing Listings & Offers

How do I edit my listing?

To edit your listing, go to the item page and click the “Edit Listing” button in the top left corner. You can also click the “Edit” button for your listing on your My Listings page.

To change your listing title, description or photos, please email your changes to

How do I reduce the price of my listing?

To reduce the price of your listing, go to the item page and click the "Edit Listing" button in the top left corner. You can also click the “Markdown” button for your listing on your My Listings page.

How do I remove my listing from Chairish?

To delist your listing, go to the item page and click the "Delete Listing" button in the top right corner. You can also click the “Delist” button for your listing on your My Listings page.

My listing was marked incomplete. What do I do?

Your listing was most likely marked incomplete because it needs more information, more photos, or better photos. To update your listing and resubmit it for review:

  1. Go to the item page and click the "Edit Listing" button in the top left corner. You can also click the "Edit" button for your listing on your My Listings page.
  2. Make any necessary changes to your listing. The email you received notifying you that your listing is incomplete should include a summary of what you need to change or update.
  3. When you've made your changes, click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen to resubmit your listing for review.

Common reasons that listings are marked incomplete include:

  • Photos are too dark
  • Photos are too blurry
  • Photos have flash glare
  • There are not enough photos
  • There are no photos of the actual product
  • There are no photos of the product alone
  • Need more information about the product
  • Need product in the frame of the photo
  • Need to break up a set of furniture

Why was my listing declined?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept everything for sale and reserve the right to decline any item or request more information before listing. It may not be a reflection on the piece — we may just have too much of a particular item or style.

Your item may have been declined simply because it is not the right fit for Chairish at this time. As our inventory requirements are quite unique, please don’t let this news discourage you from listing future items.

Specific items we cannot accept include:

  • Mattresses, sofa beds, convertible sofas, recliners or used bedding, due to Federal & State regulations
  • Certain oversized items requiring special shipping and handling beyond the scope of our services
  • Endangered species and other animal and wildlife products
  • Art reproductions that violate applicable laws, copyrights or trademarks. This includes reproductions in the form of a poster, print or exact replica painting.

How do offers work?

On Chairish, buyers can choose between purchasing an item outright (the “Buy Me Now” option) or bargaining with the seller by making a “Verified Offer” (the “Make An Offer” option). All offers are “Verified Offers”, meaning the total offer amount is collected from the buyer at the time the offer is made. All offers on Chairish listings must be at least 50% of the listing price.

To protect both buyers and sellers, Chairish collects payments from buyers at the time of offer or sale, and holds the proceeds until after confirmation that the item has been picked up or delivered safely to its new home.

For sellers, one of two things will happen when an offer is made:

  1. If you've set a "reserve price", and the offer is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the offer will automatically be accepted and the sale is complete.
  2. If the offer is below the reserve price you will receive an email with 3 easy choices:
    • Accept - Offer is accepted and the deal is done
    • Counter - You will be asked to provide the amount that you are willing to accept
    • Decline - Offer is declined and the buyer is immediately refunded

How do product questions and comments work?

Chairish shoppers are able to post public questions and comments directly on any item’s page. Those questions and comments are emailed to the seller who can then respond. This direct communication is intended to make buying and selling on Chairish even easier.

To ask a question or leave a comment, shoppers may now click the "Ask A Question" button on any item's page. You must be signed in to your Chairish account to ask a question or post a response. All questions or comments will be emailed to the seller and will be displayed publicly. Sellers can post a response by clicking the "Post A Comment" button on an item's page. We ask that our sellers respond to all product questions as soon as possible. All responses are public. Seller responses will also be emailed back to shoppers.

Out of respect for all of our lovely buyers and sellers, please refrain from posting any inappropriate or offensive comments. If you find a comment that you'd like to report, just click on the "flag" button next to the comment and we'll follow up. If you have a comment or issue you would like to take offline or that is not appropriate for all to see, please email us at

To better safeguard our marketplace we also ask that you do not use commenting to exchange contact information or attempt to facilitate sales outside of Chairish. As a rule, we restrict the exchange of, and will remove any comment which includes: an email address, physical address, phone number, URL, or any other information we deem inappropriate.

Chairish reserves the right to remove any user if we see repeated attempts to exchange contact information or facilitate sales outside of Chairish. The first time we see a seller attempt to exchange contact information or facilitate a sale outside of Chairish we will remind them of our policy and ask them not to exchange information again. The second time we will remove the seller's listings from the site for 1 week. The third time we will remove the seller and their listings from Chairish permanently.

How do expiring listings and renewals work?

In order to reduce the number of unavailable items on site, and to maintain the stellar reputation of all of our sellers, listings will need to be renewed every 60 days to confirm availability and remain active on the site.

Listings with 60 days of no seller activity, such as markdowns, edits or counter offers, will require renewal to remain active on Chairish. Every two weeks, you’ll receive an email with your items that meet this criteria.

You’ll have one week to renew these items, which can be done quickly and easily from your My Listings page. You can also renew items by marking them down, which will move your item to the top of collection pages.

Listings that are not renewed within a week will expire. No need to worry if you inadvertently let one or more listings expire. This is a temporary state and you will have the ability to renew any listing even after it expires from your My Listings page.


How does shipping work?

White Glove shipping is always available at the buyer's cost, but there are several shipping options available. Complete details are in our Shipping & Returns Policy.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays for outbound and return shipping unless Chairish finds that the item was damaged beyond repair in transportation or determines that the seller grossly misrepresented the item. Sellers who offer Free Shipping on an item are responsible for outbound shipping costs.

Please see our Shipping & Returns Policy for complete details.

Getting Paid

My item sold. When do I receive payment?

All sales are considered final after the 48 hour return period has passed or a local pickup has been completed. You can generally expect payment 4 to 6 days after delivery or 2-3 days after a local pickup is confirmed. You'll receive an automated payment confirmation email when your payment has been transmitted.

You can also confirm that payment is being processed when an item shows as 'Delivered' in the 'My Sold Items' portion of the dashboard. When the order moves from to 'Payment Issued' the funds have been transmitted via PayPal. You can use the link below to see your sold items!

To ensure timely receipt of your funds, make sure payment information is kept up to date in your Payment Settings.

To protect both buyers and sellers, Chairish collects payments from buyers at the time of sale and holds the proceeds until after confirmation that the item has been picked up or delivered safely to its new home.

How much do I make?

Chairish will pay you the Sale Amount, less Commission and any Permitted Deductions, and subject to the Shipping and Returns Policy (the resulting amount, "Final Proceeds").

"Sale Amount" means the sales price for which your item was sold, or the price that we actually received from the buyer. This excludes amounts assessed on the sale (like taxes and duties), shipping and delivery costs paid by the buyer, and transaction fees such as credit card transaction costs, international and bank-wire fees.

"Commission" means the percentage of the Sale Amount paid to Chairish for your use of the Service. The Commission percentage is determined by a tier-based sliding scale, dependent on the price of your item.

  1. Amounts less than or equal to $2,500: 20% Commission
  2. Amounts between $2,501 - $25,000: 12% Commission
  3. Amounts greater than $25,000: 3% Commission

See the graphic below for some examples of how our Commission scale works:

"Permitted Deductions" means any costs we agree to (in writing, email or otherwise), such as additional insurance. These deductions are rare.

Note: if you offered "Free Shipping" and the buyer chose this option, you are responsible for the cost of shipping per the Shipping & Returns Policy.

How do I set up PayPal payouts?

Set up PayPal payouts for your Chairish account in your Payment Settings.

My PayPal payment failed. What do I do?

If you received a notification that your PayPal payment failed:

  1. Go to your Payment Settings page and make sure your PayPal information is entered correctly.
  2. Contact to arrange for payment to be sent again.

How do taxes work?

Chairish is an online marketplace, not a reseller. We do not charge our customers for sales tax. As a Chairish seller, you are responsible for determining your own tax liability. Sellers can collect sales tax through Chairish by adjusting their Tax Settings.