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Wallpaper is a delicious design element. It can be as subtle or bold, as required. For example, with simple furniture, a vibrantly patterned wallpaper can create a striking contrast. Similarly, with brilliantly upholstered furniture a muted wallpaper can create a sense of calm grandeur. Either way or with busy patterns on both wallpaper and furniture, the beauty of a wallpaper is unparalleled. Additionally, the use of wallpaper isn’t as common as it used to be. This makes the use of antique wallpaper a surprise — be ready for the oohs, aahs and the gasps of admiration. Love the idea of wallpaper, but want to go a step further? Check out rugs on Chairish.

Types of Wallpaper

Embossed: Embossed wallpaper can be painted too! It is easy to clean and maintain but the best thing about embossed wallpaper is that, thanks to its textured designs it can be used to hide wall imperfections.

Fabric: Using fabric wallpaper is a gorgeous way to add texture to a room. Other than the fact that fabric is hard to clean, we really can’t find a reason to find fault with this delicious design.

Foils: Smooth finish and metallic tones, foiled wallpaper is striking. Posh posh posh! While the wallpaper is easy to clean (yay for young parents at the back), this kind of wallpaper is tough to hang. Oh, but how sweet are the fruits of toil.

Grasscloth: Woven from grass strands, grasscloth wallpaper is pretty, rustic and unique. It is also organic, so yay for the planet.


There is no dearth to the number of designs and patterns that could be turned into wallpaper. You could wallpaper your dog’s face, if you wanted. While we love our furry friends, we’d not encourage that. There are tons of delicious designs available but here are our top three favorites

Watery floral: There is something so beautifully cheerful about floral prints. Floral wallpaper lifts the mood of a room. Think: sunny disposition and bright thoughts. This wallpaper with oversized proportions is perfect for the living room, master bedroom or nursery. Actually, it is perfect for any room with lots of light, we think!

Murals: We love a bold view. Murals are more like paintings. This antique wallpaper comes in a series of pre-packaged vintage wallpaper rolls, which need to be hung in a specific order to create a specific image. We love the idea of a mural over a low platform bed. It is the perfect way to steep the room in character while cutting down on the clutter.

Bold Graphics: Bold and glossy, this wallpaper is to create a ripple. The use of geometric patterns is definitely on the upswing. The use of this wallpaper can give even a small room — like the guest bath or powder room — a heavy dose of personality. Use this boldly graphic wallpaper in the guest room, and use the wallpaper remnant to give a smaller room a makeover - three walls white/bare and one wall boldly graphic is a gorgeous look.