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Ottomans are unique furniture pieces that can add a bold statement to any room and fit any style home. Pair one with a club chair or a sofa to add a dose of function and style. From the very ornate to the simplest of designs, you’re sure to find a vintage ottoman that is right for your living space. Here are a few things to consider before buying a used ottoman for your home.


Before diving into the world of ottomans, it is time to decide on the overall design. More traditional designs add simple comfort and style while used or vintage ottomans add a sense of history and warmth to the desired space. As an added benefit, ottomans with hidden storage are both functional and practical, especially for small rooms or apartments.


Traditional, standard ottoman designs feature a sturdy base with a cushion (usually tufted) surface. Fabric options for these cozy cushions range from leather, cloth or synthetic upholstery. These ottomans are typically square or rectangular in shape and oftentimes feature a hinged top, so as to store blankets or remotes underneath them. Often times in vintage pieces, drawers can be featured in the base for the same functional purpose. These traditional ottomans serve as a functional and comfortable space to rest feet.


This style of ottoman is exactly what it sounds like: a puffed structure. They range from the typical sphere shape to cubical. Similar to a beanbag, these structures are made with softer material. They make great footrests but wouldn’t be the optimal choice for holding a drink. Vintage poufs can add a casual, boho chic feeling to any space.


Also known as a coffee table ottoman, this functional table-like piece is ideal for placing food and drinks. Sometimes, the hard tabletop is reversible to a cushion, while other types have trays that set perfectly atop its surface.


These stylish ottoman pieces may appear basic at first glance, but they are full of storage, versatility and configurability. Their nested design allows for a large amount of storage and provides a tabletop-like surface for drinking or dining. In addition, their array of separate pieces create numerous seating and foot resting options. The smaller cubes (used for feet or seats) can be neatly tucked away inside the ottoman for easy, everyday use.


After choosing the best design for the size and style of the space, it’s time to narrow down the desired shape of the ottoman. The shape dictates where and how the ottoman will be used, so it is a crucial detail to take into consideration.

Square: Square-shaped ottomans are generally the most common. They allow for the most placement options with a space’s current furnishings. Place this symmetrical-shaped ottoman in the center of a couch with two chairs on either side, and it can be the finishing piece in a vintage-inspired room.

Rectangle: Rectangular ottomans allow for a wider surface area, meaning more space to rest feet and generally accompanied with more storage space inside the ottoman. These traditional ottomans can be found with the standard, tufted cushion top or in the cocktail style.

Round: Ranging the most size-wise, round ottomans are sure to make a statement in any space. From the smaller pouf style, perfect for one person, to sprawling styles meant as a centerpiece for a collection of furniture, these pieces will make adaptable and inviting additions to any room configuration.

Oval: Although less common, oval ottomans add an atmosphere of luxury to a room. The width is ideal to accommodate multiple people at once, while still being functional and visually appealing.


After the design and size have been determined, the real fun begins. Choosing the fabric will bring together the overall look of the space, so be sure to choose a color and print that tie everything together.

Fabric: Fabric ottomans allow for the most options in respect to patterns and colors. Simple, neutral tones add warmth with a vintage-vibe while bright, fun colors and patterns can be a bold statement.

Leather: This luxurious piece of furniture is sure to add richness to a room. Often times, leather comes in a brown tone, perfect for a vintage-inspired space, but leather ottomans can be found in black, as well as other colors, too.

Suede: The feel of suede is unmatched, while the texture is truly unique. This is not a common fabric for upholstered ottomans, but it is one of the most luxurious.

Whether an ottoman is a bright and bold centerpiece to the space or a more neutral, vintage piece, functionality is key. Before deciding on the perfect ottoman for the room, decide on how it will be utilized – This will help narrow down the vast array of choices available!