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Old Lanterns

Who loves old lanterns, you ask? You have questions and we have answers. Well, do you love having candles around and want to take this love for open flames to the next level without risking a fire hazard? We hear you! Check out delicious vintage lanterns here on Chairish. They are perfect for decoration and for some mood lighting. These old fashioned lanterns will add some much required vintage cheer to your space. You are welcome! They can be used as small tokens and accent pieces to elevate a boring corner into a beautiful part of your room. Add to a hallway desk to a small corner table to create a little nook of privacy. Use vintage lantern frames to house candles (all shapes and sizes are created equal) and create a small installation art of your space. Use the candles when the mood calls for it. Leave the candles in place when not being used. When you see antique carriage lanterns or red lanterns for sale, don’t resist. Go with your gut and reap rewards of beautiful decor in your home. If you have a house party coming up and are looking for ideas for affordable and classy centerpieces? You found it. Use a small slab of bark as a stand and old fashioned lanterns for centerpieces for a glamorous and memorable evening that all your guests will adore (and copy!). Not sure if you want old lanterns in your house but love the antique vibe? Check out Antique Chests here on Chairish.