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A vintage mirror is not a one trick pony. Mirrors are generally used to create a sense of space but little known facts: they also provide low-scale illumination and are gorgeous decorative pieces. One of the first things you need to have figured out before buying a mirror? Its desired size. How much space do you have and where are you hanging the mirror? One general rule of thumb to follow is that a mirror should be two-thirds the size of the furniture nearest to it. Once you know what size mirror you are looking for, you get to the fun part—looking through all the options. Believe it or not, there are SO many.

Mini Mirrors: Unlike a large mirror, a mini mirror can’t really hold its own on a wall. It works best in groups and arrangements. Think of it as part of a larger vignette. Want to keep it simple? Some framed photos near a stairwell will work beautifully. Want to dial it up a notch? Use it as part of a gallery wall, with other wall art and decorations. We guarantee that everyone will stop and admire.

Frameless Mirrors: A vintage mirror in a geometric shape can fit in anywhere. Add the fact that it is frameless and we have a decorative chameleon on our hands. Style hack: A beautiful frameless mirror will make your bathroom seem waaay more sophisticated than it is. And if you think about it, bathrooms see a lot of traffic and you wouldn’t want to let go of an easy opportunity to score some designer brownie points, right? We know we wouldn’t.

Sunburst Mirrors: A sun motif is such a positive and timeless motif. A sunburst mirror is one with a circular middle with spikes all around it. From kids to artists, the use of sun motif in art is universal and there is a reason for it. The sun is a life-giving force and all life reacts subconsciously to it. There is another simpler reason to choose this vintage mirror—it just looks really good. A sunburst mirror works really well as a focal point and hence, works really well in the living room.

Venetian Mirrors: When you think of an antique mirror, you are probably thinking of a venetian mirror. It’s classic and so bold that we think we are in love. A venetian mirror is typically a frameless mirror with a beautifully gilded frame. It’s so sinfully gorgeous that you don’t want a lot of people eyeing this beauty. This vintage mirror is for the bedroom and your eyes only. Copy that? It can work beautifully as a makeshift vanity and add a touch of splendor to your bedroom. Don’t blame us if you catch yourself staring at the mirror instead of your reflection. We are guilty of that too. If you have your heart set on a vanity for your bedroom, no worries. Use the venetian mirror in the entryway to impress your guests and check out vanities on Chairish.