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Count a vintage headboard among the easiest ways to get ahead when it comes to chic bedroom style. Even in large rooms, a bed is invariably the focal point—making the headboard a like-it-or-not statement piece. Make it a serious “like” by opting for a gallery-worthy, Brutalist-style headboard by Lane or a bentwood bamboo model it in a bold, devil-may-care shade of bougainvillea, emerald, or Tulum turquoise. From there, pile on the pillows—Just make sure to keep them proportionally low enough to reveal some of that stunning board!


Vintage headboards are by no means a requirement for a comfortable night’s sleep, but when you consider the plush vibes one adds to a bedroom? Well, those can’t hurt.

When you think about it, the bed is destined to be the focal point of virtually any bedroom, so why not make it worth the attention it garners and deck it out with a vintage headboard? From tufted arches to white wicker, a used headboard is a quick, no-fuss way to nail style and function.

Yet from aligning styles to actually adhering a used headboard to a bed frame, choosing a secondhand headboard is a bit of an art. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best vintage headboard for your space, along with some installation tips and signature styles to look for.


Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of displaying a vintage headboard in your bedroom, headboards serve a functional purpose as well. Below are some of the major functional benefits they can provide.

From reading to watching TV to a post-bed Instagram scroll session, most people use their bed for things other than, well, sleeping. While we get the urge, it can be uncomfortable to sit up in bed if your back’s up against a wall. Enter: the vintage headboard. Acting as a comfortable backrest, a headboard will put an end to those morning kinks. If you’re a frequent offender, a padded headboards can add an extra layer of comfort. Additionally. some vintage headboards (including a number of Mid-Century models) contain shelving or storage drawers, providing you with additional space to stash books, remotes, and blankets. Think of these handy storage headborards as nightstands without the footprint.


An important part of choosing the perfect headboard is ensuring that your headboard is the correct size for your bedframe. As a general rule, a headboard should match the width of your mattress.

Twin Beds: Headboards should measure at least 38" long and 75" wide.

Double Beds: Headboards should measure at least 54" long and 72" wide.

Queen Beds: Headboards should measure at least 60" long and 80" wide.

King Beds: Headboards should measure at least 76" long and 80" wide.

California King Beds: Headboards should measure at least 72" long and 84" wide.


Depending on your bedframe, you’ll have the option to either adhere your vintage headboard to the bedframe directly, or mount it to the wall behind the bed. If either’s an option, adhering a frame directly to the bed will prevent any slippage between the bed and headboard, while adhering it to the wall will provide extra stability. Wall-mounting specifically, is recommend for those headboards that are too large or heavy to be supported by a standard bedframe.

For wall-mounting, use a cleat or Z-clips, and for bed frame-attaching use custom-made headboard mounting brackets.


Whether you choose an attached or detached headboard, there are several headboard styles to pick from. Below, read about some of our favorite styles.

Panel: Panel headboards feature a rectangular frame with two or three panels in the center. The overall style of panel headboards varies depending on the detailing and type of wood finish.

Tufted: Tufted headboards are upholstered and battered headboards adorned with buttons. The look can range from traditional to contemporary in style, and are available in solid, printed, or textured upholsteries.

Sleigh: Sleigh headboards quite literally resemble the appearance of a sleigh, featuring an upper headboard with an elegant back bend.