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Go with us for just a second here, but if you ask us a floral accent chair is just like a LBD, or a chic white button down, or that almighty pair of denim you can't go a weekend without wearing—a stylish staple that can lift any room. While some might peg a floral chair as too busy to be classified among timeless staples, give a floral chair a try and prepare to be floored by its next-level versatility. Drop a floral slipper chair into a bedroom for a dash of romance, or a floral roll arm chair for a dash of kooky English eclecticism à la Rita Konig or Amanda Brooks. Opt for a floral wingback in a formal living room to keep things from getting too fusty, or pair up a floral chair with floral drapes or coverlet and let total maximalist madness ensue! Chief among the reasons we love a floral chair? They BRING the chic vibes like no other. Blame the chair if your friends catch you wearing pearls while lounging in front of the tube! All of that said, a vintage floral chair isn’t just for maximalists (we hear you minimalists at the back!). Pop a vintage floral print chair into a relatively minimalist room to add a dramatic note that’s just quirky enough that it won’t look like a total departure from the rest of your space. Go floral and be fabulous!