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Everything You Need To Know About Floor Lamps

Antique floor lamps are perhaps the most underrated decor pieces, in our opinion. Vintage floor lamps can make a statement, add pizzazz to a room and oh, also make things visible! A great room can be de-emphasized due to a lack of lighting options. Similarly, a well put together room can be highlighted with the right lighting options.

Chandeliers or pendant lights are not the only way to add glamour to a room. With chrome finishings or with a textured lamp shade, cool floor lamps are an inspired way to illuminate a room. Use a big statement floor lamp or deploy the power of pairs; it’s hard to go wrong with antique floor lamps! Ahead, check out five floor lamp styles that we think are the bee’s knees.

Torchiere: Torchiere is French for "tall candelabra." Before electricity changed the world as we know it, candles mounted on a stand were the only portable, tall lighting fixtures. Bulbs replaced candles, but torchiere floor lamp remained irreplaceable. These antique floor lamps are hugely popular even today. Torchiere floor lamps seem to have an Art Deco leaning and we can’t get enough. Clean lines and a healthy side of bling, where do we sign up?

Arc: The Arc Floor Lamp leans heavily toward the Mid-Century Modern style. The sparkling metal finish is as glamorous as it is functional. The Mid-Century Modern style Arc floor lamp has multiple stems and is famously known as the waterfall lamp. This vintage floor lamp has three to six lights at varied heights, which also helps create visual texture in the room. Think of it as a gorgeous houseplant you can’t kill.

Pharmacy: If you are looking for the perfect lamp for your reading nook, you found it. The pharmacy floor lamp’s dome can be directed downward and straight at your book. This retro floor lamp is perfect for people who want to stay up late reading but don’t want to keep the whole house awake. This lamp was an office, hospital and factory favorite in the early 20th Century. This vintage lamp’s ergonomic design sustained its popularity, even in the 21st Century.

Tripod: The tripod lamp is deliciously chic. It also has one quality which makes it a favorite in households with young kids—it can’t be tipped over accidentally. This vintage lamp’s three sturdy legs will keep this lamp standing tall no matter what. Want to feel the spotlight on you? Replace the lampshade with a theatre spotlight and all your living room is a stage. Just the right ambience to practice your Academy award speech.

Skirt lamp: The skirt floor lamp comes with a makeshift end table and hence, this cool floor lamp is perfect for small spaces. A timeless design that has been replicated in every style period, this vintage floor lamp is for keeps.

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