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Whether you’re craving a pair of hand-carved twin beds for your kids’ rooms, or an antique iron queen bed for your guest room—antique beds are ideal for achieving a charming look and feel. Use a bed as the base for a room and let it guide all of your stylistic choices, from rugs to art.

For some of our best tips on choosing the best secondhand bedframes to fit your personal style, read on below.


While the general shape of vintage beds remains fairly consistent throughout the standard sizes (we’re talking twin beds, full beds, queen beds, king beds, and, of course, Cal)—the dimensions of each type vary slightly. To help, some of the most common bedframe styles and their dimensions are outlined below.

TWIN BED FRAME: Also known as single beds, these vintage beds are perfect for sleepers of smaller sizes, the normal width and length of twin beds is 38” by 74.”

EXTENDED TWIN BED FRAME Sometimes referred to as longer single beds or king twin beds, the normal width and length of this secondhand bed is 38” by 80,” making it the perfect option for the taller child or teenager.

THREE-QUARTER BED FRAME: While rare, three-quarter beds are a bit larger than standard twin beds, measuring 48” by 74.”

FULL BED FRAME: Also known as double beds, the normal width and length of this vintage bed is 54” by 74.”

QUEEN BED FRAME: Perfect for a couple requiring less sleeping space, vintage queen beds measure 60” by 80.”

KING BED FRAME: King beds are ideal for couples or individuals who enjoy extra sleeping space. King beds measure 76” by 80.”

CALIFORNIA KING BED FRAME: Designed for taller individuals who need extra length at the end of the bed, California king beds measure 72” by 84.” California kings use the longest standard mattress sizes.


With so many bedframe styles and variations to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on just one. To start, consider all your options to make the best decision for you and your space.

Four-Poster Bed Frames

Classic, traditional, and perfect for complementing other pieces of antique furniture in the bedroom—four-poster beds are a timeless option for creating an elegant sleep oasis.

Canopy Bed Frames

Tall and elegant, canopy bed frames are similar to the four-poster bed, but feature top braces on which billowing curtains can be hung. Canopy bedframes are often wood bed frames or iron bed frames. Canopy bed frames may be fully curtained or draped with fabric scarf for dramatic appeal. If fully curtained, closing the curtains on a canopy bed frame can lend extra warmth and privacy at night.

Upholstered Beds

Stylish, bold, and comfortable, upholstered beds feature shapely padded headboards and footboards. Upholstered bed frames are usually battered with foam or cotton and covered in fabric. Because upholstered beds are feature fabric headboards and footboards, they offer a unique opportunity to personalize them. Whether you opt for a solid velvet headboard, a traditional plaid one, or a brightly-patterned Schumacher fabric one, upholstered beds can be the perfect springboard for showcasing eclectic style.

Beds with Storage

Functional and perfect for small spaces or homes that need additional stash-space—beds with storage (or the captain’s beds as they are sometimes known) contain built-in storage drawers or shelving underneath the bed platform. Some styles of storage beds also feature headboards with built-in bookshelves. These types of beds with storage can be ideal for rooms that might be too small to accommodate normal nightstands.

Platform Beds

Clean, uncluttered, and low to the ground, platform bed frames are an older style of bed that remain hugely popular today. Since platform beds are lower to the ground, many sleepers enjoy the cooling benefits of resting closer to the floor. Certain styles nix both a headboard and footboard for an uber-basic approach.

Metal Bed Frames

Perfect for everything from rustic and romantic to industrial spaces, metal bed frames are strong and sturdy styles that are built to last. The only downside? Metal bed frames aren’t as comfortable to lean against when reading or Netflix-ing in bed, so be sure to have a few extra pillows on hand.

Sleigh Beds

Originally referred to as French beds, sleigh beds resemble the shape of an old-fashioned sleigh, with a gently curved headboard and footboard. Sleigh beds are generally wood bed frames, although it is possible to find them upholstered. Worth calling out is the twin bed frames rendered in the sleigh bed style will read more dramatic than sleigh beds in a queen or king bed size.

Trundle Beds

If you’re a small space hostess, than you more than likely know about the trundle bed. At first glance, a trundle bed looks like a high platform bed with storage tucked underneath. However, rather than drawers, a trundle bed’s platform actually conceals a second pull-out bed. Because of the mechanics required for the pull-out bed, most trundle bed frames are twin beds.

Upholstered headboard, tufted headboard, no headboard, footboard or sans footboard—there are so many varieties of bedframes to choose from. Traditional, modern-day, rustic, or elegant—the choice is yours.