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8x10 Area Rugs

Need a rug for a bedroom, dining room, or spacious living room? An 8x10 area rug will cover all of those bases nicely, plus some! Ask virtually any designer about the world’s most common decorating mistakes and they’ll say too small rugs. Thankfully, 8x10 rugs are here for the rescue! Unlike smaller rugs which require that you orbit your furniture around them, 8x10 area rugs are big enough that you can load all of your chairs, dressers, sofas, and whatever else you've got onto them! The result can be a room that looks totally tied together as opposed to choppy and sectioned-off. For those looking for a ground cover that’s easy on the eyes and sets a restful tone, a neutral 8x10 rug can be ideal. Look for seagrass 8x10 rugs and 8x10 wool area rugs in colors like taupe, ivory, or gray. A little texture can go a long way when it comes to 8x10 rugs, so stick to a tightly-woven print if you’re aiming for a calm and collected look. Aiming to go more dramatic impact? Opt for a floral 8x10 area rug (Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, and Chinese Art Deco rugs are all majorly good choices!). You might also consider a purple, red or blue area rug in an 8x10 size. Lastly, don’t discount an 8x10 outdoor rug if you’re looking to give substance to your outdoor digs!